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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Banana Milk Days

I can't forget the days leading up to Friday, May 11. Haha. Louis, Nikki, Elaina, Brenda, and I planned about a week in advance for this. We'd sneak out of school as soon as that final bell rung and go off on the first of many adventures.
To start things off, I'd like to note that most of the pictures on this blog are going to probably be either instant films taken from my Fujifilm Instax 210, or from digital cameras. Either way, it'll still be pretty cool. So during planning, we planned out one big thing, and built up from there. The purpose was to go to Greenland, which was a local Korean grocery store. It was Nikki's first time going there, so it was cool seeing her reactions and such. I've only been to Greenland a good two or three times, and that place is HUUGE. I like how they've got a food court and a mini shopping mall outside the actual grocery store c: 
So around Greenland, we wanted to check out the grocery first, and pick out what food we'd be getting later for an impromptu movie night of some sorts. For a grocery store, Greenland's got to be one of my favorites. I love ramen, and they've got an entire aisle of it. They also have really good cookies. hehe

So after browsing around, we'd gotten extremely hungry! We left the grocery and went to the food court. Food is delicious when you're really hungry. Hungry students, all day every day. 
Just looking back on it makes me even hungrier than I am! I had Bibimbap. Louis had Naengmyeon. Brenda had this seafood dish. Elaina and Nikki had similar dishes except one had tofu, the other had shrimp. It was all really filling. Haha. Eventually, we ran back into the grocery store and got some snacks. Louis reminded us about banana milk, and we bought it. Realizing that it'd go bad if we leave it  in the car, we drank it right away. Thus, the Banana Milk Buddies were born. HAHAHA. 

We drove around Chinatown, stopping by some small shops to look at cute stuff, but we eventually got to the Fashion Show Mall. In short, all we did there was walk around, shop, and get tired. 
Inside Top Shop

What a fun day. c: 

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