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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


If there's one thing in this lifetime I can never call myself, it is that of a foodie. I admit, my palette is a little bit more sophisticated than some people, but I still enjoy fast, processed food sometimes. Come on, you're lying to yourself when you say McDonald's doesn't have the best freaking french fries at 2AM. That doesn't mean though that I always eat it! I still like my truffle fries and duck confit. The one thing I will absolutely never ever forgive though, is when people mistake macarons for macaroons. Never mistake those two!

I digress. Last Friday night, I went on down to the Las Vegas Foodie Fest and did what I do best, eat and take pictures. It was my first year going so I didn't really quite know how it all worked out. My parents and sister had gone the year prior and from their knowledge, the Foodie Fest is when food trucks from all over come together and well, cook and sell what they make. 

This year, the Las Vegas Foodie Fest was held at the LINQ's parking lot. My family and I didn't want to deal with the huge flow of traffic so we opted to do valet at the opposite hotel. The LINQ at night is much prettier than in the morning. 

I'm in love with the majority of the murals they have here. It's quite amazing for the people who worked on these pieces, more publicity for them! I'm all for working artists getting their name across.

One thing that I absolutely laughed at when I went through all my pictures was that I didn't take a picture of what I ate. So I'm going to go ahead and use my best description skills to describe what I ate, lol. Sorry about that. When you're really hungry, you disregard everything else. 

The amount of food trucks in the event itself was pretty overwhelming. I loved how diverse each food truck was diverse and different. The one thing I noticed though was there were tons of food trucks that specialized in fusion cuisine. Remember the sushirito I blogged about during my San Francisco trip? There was a food truck making the same thing there. Did I go? No. Line wrapped around the truck twice. 

50 Shades of Green. Vegetarian/Vegan cuisine I'm assuming!

THE LINE FOR THIS WAS REALLY, REALLY LONG. The smell that came from the truck smelled so good though.

That goes for this truck too! I really wanted to try the fried ice cream, but once I saw the line it killed me. Instead, I went to the funnel cake truck and got myself a banana split one :D 

I ate here! I was craving for a Lobster Roll so I got to order the traditional New England one. No fuss, no muss. Just straight up shredded lobster between buttered French bread and a wedge of lemon. It was really good, and pretty filling. My mom ordered ceviche from them as well. My dad on the other hand went to a Mediterranean truck and got some kabobs. 

After I stuffed my face with the roll my dad and I went and got some roasted corn, then funnel cake! 

Do forgive the lack of the food pictures, I realized how funny this blog post actually is without them. 

This is a very short blog post in preparation to what's about to come!!!!! Look out for it!

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