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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bibliophile: The Art and Fashion Edition

I've had this post up in my drafts for a while now, it only seemed fit to post it as soon as September is over. What I love the most about August and September is the amount of time I have for myself to read. Yes, school did start, but that didn't deter me from reading a few books. If you haven't already, you should go ahead and read the first installment of my Bibliophile series, that of which you can find right over (here).

The one main difference this time is that the majority of the books I've read for August and September deal with fashion and art. I am an art major after all, so I felt it was only appropriate to brush up on new techniques before heading off to university. 

One thing in common these books have also is that 2/5 of them were found in Japantown's Kinokuniya! I took a mental note of these books when I was there this past summer. Amazon seriously is a blessing when it comes to book hunting. Cheaper books+free shipping, what more can you want! 

I saw this among the other design books in Japantown, took a quick peak, and immediately fell in love. When Summer Vacation started as did my obsession with sketching inside my Moleskine notebook. I love looking into this book for various sources of inspiration. 

Each "chapter" of the book focuses on certain artists, their style, and over all aesthetic. I found that many of the artists love to focus on their line work and detail.

Next up is Vogue's very own, Grace Coddington. 

Grace Coddington is a former model and is currently American Vogue's Creative Director. I actually have only recently heard of Grace, and that's because of the September Issue. Once i saw the memoir, I knew I had to read it. 

I absolutely loved the personal photos she included, that and the doodles she drew in the book. 

Next up! I actually spotted this book also back in my trip to San Francisco. I'm not a fashion major, but something about the illustrations in this book made me want to buy it. As an illustrator myself, I absolutely drew inspiration from the minimal to avant garde designs. 

The book has various designs from many artists, it's quite interesting how many different fabrics are just collected to draw inspiration from. Texture is such an important factor to design, remember that! 

My favorite spreads in the book. I love the children/teenage wear spread Anna Kipper had compiled. The bursts of color along with the urban inspiration made the sketches a lot more impressive! If these designs were ever to come into fruition, I would definitely be seen wearing them. 

If there is a photographer I absolutely idolize, it is Todd Selby. I discovered Todd Selby way back in April when I spotted his new book, Fashionable Selby at my local Barnes & Noble. I was instantly hooked on how he photographs artists and fashion designers and their respectable workspaces. 

In The Selby is in Your Place, Selby takes it a step further and photographs even more artists in their own home. I loved seeing Karl Lagerfeld's personal studio and Jonathan Adler's home. 

I loved looking through the various photographs of different homes. It is so interesting seeing where a person lives, and their personality clearly reflects their surroundings. I loved reading all the interviews as well, it's all so candid! The pictures inspired me to plan out what my eventual first apartment would look like, hehe. 

I loved how Todd Selby photographed my favorite couple's home. Yoon and DJ Verbal, two of Japan's most fashionable and talented artists. I want to steal DJ Verbal's blazer!

Lastly, An Illustrated Life. Like Freehand, this book is another way for me to draw inspiration in times of creative blocks. 

I absolutely adored how the book is pages from various artists' private sketchbooks. The interviews on the side go on about their daily work flow and such. One day, I'm gonna be in a book like this. One day! *heroic anime pose* 

I loved how simple the work here is. Sometimes, you won't have to color your art to make it amazing. Simplicity is next to Godliness. 

I love the collage work this artist put into her work as well! I am mega inspired to do things like these. 

I suggest if you're interested in art and design, then go and pick up these books as fast as possible! All are available on Amazon. Trust me, they're pretty damn worth it. Thanks for reading!


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