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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Earlier this past week I went and blogged about the morning activities of Aki Matsuri. My friends and I stayed at the festival for a while and the amount of photos I took, I could not keep them all in one post. Splitting posts into two is always a good idea anyways. Anywho, let's get on to the photos? 

When the sun was setting we went and decided to watch some of the performers. 

I have this wonderful admiration for the Taiko Drummers. They always seem to know how to work the crowd and give back so much energy! 

After we watched for a while, the announcers went and said that the shrine ceremony was about to start. If I'm not mistaken it's called the Mikoshi? Or O-Mikoshi? Don't quote me on that. Super admirable seeing so many people, the majority being the elderly carry an extremely heavy shrine on their shoulders and jump around. Freaking cool seeing it in person! 

So cool seeing them bring the entire shrine around the event. I can only guess how much this shrine weighed! At one point we saw this guy in the very front look extremely exhausted but he still carried on jumping up and down! 

You know, watching the group jump up and down somehow kinda made our little party hungry. The amount of food vendors in the event kind of overwhelmed us but we all decided on one thing: curry!

We ate at Curry Zen and up to now I'm still dreaming about how delicious the place was. I ordered a Croquette Curry and it was absolutely amazing. I still dream about it today. 

The Croquette was filled with sweet corn and seasoned perfectly. I loved the curry also!!

We hung around at a tent and were debating on what to do next. After a while we decided to go on and wait for the final performance of the night, which was Naomichi Hanazono's, wait for that blogpost soon! 

Funny story. When we sat down at the table there was a lone water bottle that didn't belong to any of us. Keita thought it was his and took a swig from it. Confusion happens because the liquid in it was sweet tasting. We all thought he was gonna die. 

Keita's still alive. 

Keita went and washed the gross sweet water he accidentally drank with Ramune. Ramune's packaging is so weird, the marble serves no actual purpose but I always thought it was a cool aesthetic. 

Nikki borrowed my camera and took photos around. When she came back she showed these!

During our time eating dinner, the Obon Dance part of the festival was taking place. The Taiko drummers were at the center whilst people danced around. The Obon is a traditional Japanese Buddhist custom where people perform the Bon Odori, a dance where they honor their ancestors and deceased relatives' spirits. Quite beautiful if you ask me. 

The Takoyaki line still was so long. 

Then, cosplayers!

Nikki and Sabrina posing with Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon, and Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill. The Ryuuko cosplayer's Katatachi Basami was freaking spot on. 

Saw my friend Kela dressed as Bolin from Legend of Korra and his friend dressed as Roy Mustang! Super awesome seeing friends in amazing cosplays. 

It was so nice seeing the performers on stage heading the Bon Odori dance, the whole thing went on for another thirty minutes, until it was time for Hanazono-san to perform.

Stay tuned for Naomichi Hanazono's performance post soon. 

thanks for reading!

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