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Thursday, November 13, 2014

What the Craft?

Hehe, Craft? Get it? Because Arts & Crafts? I'm punny. If there's one thing that I can say about Target, it is that they have upped the heck out of their craft section. I took a trip down to the place where you enter without anything, and leave with boatloads of stuff. Target is that place and you cannot deny it. You've probably gone through it too. 

Because of the Holidays coming soon, I went down and bought some stuff to wrap the presents I got for my friends. Initially I was a bit meh on the idea where I just buy the generic Christmas wrapping paper, so I skipped that entirely. I decided to wrap my presents in craft paper instead. 

Anywho, back on to the Target haul. The fact that the majority of the crafts fall between the 1.00-20.00 range is pretty awesome. Except for when you're tempted to go and buy EVERYTHING which is never a good idea (sometimes). 

First one up! 

Rub-On Transfers. 5.99

I saw these and thought "Oh cool stickers!", but then I read the product saw that they were gold transfers! I haven't seen transfers, let alone gold ones in such a long time that I had to get them! I showed my mom the next day and she made me go buy her some immediately! I think decorating Christmas Cards with these will give it a classic look!

The instructions are really straightforward, you just place the gold sheet on top of whatever you want, and rub on the letter, peel, and voila, gold transfers. 

Next, I bought something a lot less intricate. 
Gift Tags. 1.99

I wanted to keep the theme of craft paper, so these were bought! I really like how simple this is, nothing too showy, but still cute!

Paper Twine. 4.99 

Originally I wanted to find the regular fabric twine but this came in different colors so I opted for this one instead. Each one is about 16 feet when unraveled. 

I really like the shade of red for the Holiday one! You can tell I have a theme going on with wrapping these presents. 

Last one! Now I briefly blogged about Kid Made Modern a while back and about how I loved their products. I saw these giant ink pads and knew immediately I had to buy them. There was only 1 left so I didn't hesitate. 

Kid Made Modern Giant Ink Pad. 4.99 

These come with two ink pads segmented into three colors, all equaling six. I was a little disappointed because when I tried it out, they were a little dry! I was a bit bummed because I was so excited to use them. I looked around the internet for ways to refresh an ink pad without having to buy actual ink and the only way I thought of doing it was giving the pad a spritz of water.

 I read on the packaging that the ink was water soluble so I tried it, waited, and it ended up working! I just have a feeling now with each time I want to use it, I'll have to give it a spray. On the plus side, the colors still remained vibrant and workable. 

Now go shop at Target and blow your money on super awesome things!
Thanks for reading!

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