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Friday, February 6, 2015

Of Fashion and Furniture.

I happened to chance upon this article by Design-Milk a few days ago and couldn't help but get excited over it. According to said website, famed minimal fashion designer Alexander Wang is crossing borders yet again, but this time with furniture. I have an enormous love for modern and simple designs and when I saw photos of the furniture, I was pleasantly surprised! Alexander Wang partnered up with Italian leather maker Poltrona Frau to create these stunning pieces for a modern home. 

The black and gold motif is pretty timeless and something I always see in his designs. Remember the Beats collaboration he did? That color scheme popped up there too. 

I read also that Wang spent two years working on this capsule collection that consists of bean bag chairs with brass bases and a bar cart. I'm quite fancying the beanbag chairs to be honest. If they came in white I'd buy it in an instant. 

The bean bag also comes in a shearling version. I'd rather get the leather one. 

I also love how the barcart can double as a mini stand. Furniture that has double usage is always a good idea.

If I were an extremely wealthy furniture connoisseur, you can expect these in my future loft. lol.

The capsule collection is to hit stores February. 

photos taken from design-milk 

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