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Monday, July 27, 2015


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but brunch is a lot more exciting. During my weekend in California, we stayed in Manhattan Beach. By far, Manhattan Beach is my favorite place to be in because of how relaxing and clean the atmosphere is. Another reason is the amount of real good restaurants in and around the pier. 

The weather was overcast, which is my favorite type. It was really nice seeing locals doing their early morning errands, seeing Manhattan Beach basically waking up was something right out of the movies.

 Go Go Power Shoes Rangers! lol

We had reservations at Manhattan Beach Post. My sister recommended this place and long story short, if my sister recommends a restaurant, you go. You don't think about it, you don't think of any other places/options, you go. She ate here with her boyfriend the last time she was in the area and she knew my family and I would enjoy it. She was right.

Already the restaurant sold me on their interior design. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this but I judge the quality of a product or the quality of a place based on design, haha. 

Parental units, hi! 

Really liked where they put all their plates and cups. I love all white kitchenware. We got to the restaurant pretty early so it wasn't as packed, but by the time we left Manhattan Beach Post was extremely busy.

Our little reservation ticket thing was stored in this neat looking envelope.

Now onto the food! If I could, I would fly or even drive down to Manhattan Beach just to eat at this restaurant for breakfast every weekend.

If you're hungry I'm apologizing in advance.

For starters we ordered their Buttermilk Bacon Cheddar Biscuits. The Maple Butter on the side was the perfect spread to this.

Truffle Fried Chicken. The coleslaw right under was also really good. I'm not a fan of coleslaw but I'd eat their take on it anytime.

Eggs Benedict. I really love Hollandaise Sauce, so this made me very happy (and full).

The Bibimbap was served in the cutest little pot, they had their Gochujang sauce on the side.

On the upper middle we also ordered Corn Beef Hash that had hashed browns in it as well. The Housemade Dumplings were to die for. Having a Chinese parent means if there is some type of dumpling and or noodle dish in the menu, it's inevitable that it'll get ordered. Hi Mom :)

Grapefruit brûlée. The best grapefruit I've ever had and it's so simple too! A grapefruit that's been topped with lemongrass syrup, mint, and sugar, then torched. I really want to make this and eat it everyday, haha.

I enjoyed Manhattan Beach Post a whole lot, from the food to the interior design and the efficiency of their serves. Our server also kinda looked like Bradley Cooper but with long hair and a surfer accent. If you have the chance to go, do visit Manhattan Beach Post.

Manhattan Beach Post is located on
1142 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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