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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Can I just say how much I freaking love Diesel's Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign? With Nicola Formichetti as Creative Director, his vision creates their slogan, "WE ARE CONNECTED". 
Instead of models only, Diesel went all out and searched high and low for not only gorgeous people, but real life gangs, cliques, families, and tribes to star in their SS '14 campaign to represent the unique "in-yo-face" attitude and bravery the Diesel brand is known for. I am in love.

Nik Hampshire, Robert Nelson, and Ricki Hall

Instead of the plain faced models we're used to seeing in ad campaigns, what Diesel had found were a rag tag group of galvanizing, yet very intriguing individuals to each of their own had outstanding personal style and innovative artistic vision. Artists, students, models, writers, and musicians chosen for the campaign all shared one thing in common—to promote artistry, to stand above the rest, to be original, to reject the status quo, to accept oneself as a whole, and to make it known. These fantastic individuals want to change viewpoint through art. 

Together, the chemistry within the diversity helped manifest iconic portraits of fierce fashion gangs: Greasers, Asian Pop Stars, Cyberpunks, Blonde Bombshells, and among many others.

 Ryu Goda & Hirari Ikeda

Ming Xi, Charlotte Carey, & Hirari Ikeda.

The diverse cast help stimulate the mood of an organized chaos. Everyone, though very different, fit in well with one another. I'm extremely impressed that Diesel went ahead with a different routine. Then again, Nicola Formichetti is the Creative Director, and being part of the Haus of Gaga, the flamboyant casting isn't something so surprising coming from him. 

James Dazzle & Jillian Mercado

Jessica Miller & Wouter Schipperen

Chloe Mackey, Carly Caparros-Janto, Consuelo de Santis & Akita Nara 

James Dazzle, Kirsten Kilponen, Abdul Kircher, Kesewa Aboah, & Gavin Lindemuth 

Paris Roberts

James Dazzle, Dorith Mous, Charlotte Carey & Solomiya

Val Bird, James Dazzle & Wouter Schipperen 

As a budding photographer, the vision Nicola had for these models completely inspired me! I love the fashion factions he created, the message underneath it all that art and fashion, no matter how different, can unite those despite utter contrasts. Only unfortunate that one, Nicola took the idea already (lol), and two, I can't afford all those coloured backdrops!


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do forgive for the sudden inactivity, life happened. stay tuned for an update! until then, see ya. 


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