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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I've Watched.

Hey guys! I know I promised an update, but that's coming real soon! I've got one big post planned for this weekend, so do stay tuned! Here's another portion of my blog dedicated to things I've watched. Remember the first post with this theme? It was a while back, but hey why not continue it? 

I've only watched one movie throughout this busy month but darn did I absolutely loved it. 

I watched Julie&Julia late last night and finished it today; but, a part of me wants to sit down and watch it over and over again. I guess this movie climbed up in my top five favorites? 

Julie&Julia, directed by Nora Ephron chronicles two true stories of two very different women. The first part of the story examines Julie Powell, played by Amy Adams, a thirty year old woman stuck in a rut. Working as a call center agent at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, Powell answers calls from bereaved victims of the September 11 attacks, and the general population's complaints about the LMDC's controversial plans in rebuilding the World Trade Center. 

Played by the ever-so-lovely Meryl Streep, the second part of the story weaves Julia Child's foray into the cooking world. An American woman in France, Child strives to learn the art that is French cuisine. Striking up a tutelage at Le Cordon Bleu, Child's talent impresses various chefs and in turn begins collaborating on a book that introduces French cooking to American housewives.

 What I adored about this movie was the fact that it was completely focused on the cooking and both women's dreams. Romance aside, I loved the message that a person's dream is valid no matter their circumstance and that when one pursues it with utmost effort, anything is possible. 

The cast comprises of Amy Adams and Meryl Streep as Julie Powell and Julia Child. Respectively, Chris Messina and Stanley Tucci play their doting and loving husbands. Messina plays Eric Powell, Julie's husband and Tucci plays Paul Child, Julia's husband. 

The chemistry between the characters is phenomenal. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci as a married couple in 1950s France was probably one of the most adorable sights I had ever seen. 

Eric Messina and Amy Adams portray that early millennial couple who've recently moved to new territories. Their portrayal of a young thirtysomething couple is overwhelmingly relatable. Messina plays the over-doting husband who supports his wife to the nth degree. Though both husbands love and support their wives so much, there is a point in which Powell's hobby consumes her life, causing a rift between her and her husband. 

One thing's for sure however, I loved this movie. I think foodie bloggers or foodies in general will enjoy this a whole ton. It inspires me as a blogger myself to keep going with this little ol' blog of mine. Julie Powell expresses her disbelief in the movie when she realizes she's got readers. I related to that scene on a monumental level; I know I'm blogging not only for myself, but for others as well. 

Meryl Streep's portrayal of Julia Child's no-nonsense go-with-the-flow attitude completely enamored me. She tells her students that in regards to mistakes they've got nothing to apologize for. A mistake's a mistake, and only improvement can make it better! 

I don't consider myself a fantastic cook, I can cook myself proper food but don't expect a gourmet meal! Watching this film however inspired something in me in which I have this hankering to go to my kitchen and cook everything I see. One recipe in the movie in particular I would love to make is Bouef Bourguignon. I think I'd rather pester my sister to make it for me instead. 

Thank you for reading this month's What I've Watched! I'll update properly soon, I promise! 


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