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Monday, May 19, 2014

PROM 2014

Growing up, I've always expected Prom to be something right out of a John Hughes movie. I'd always imagined the event to take place in the school gymnasium, decked out with the cheesiest decorations like tinsel and cheap banners. But, that was the past. After entering high school, I've come to realize that I was not only wrong, I was completely wrong. Prom, in recent years, is completely different. Here's a recap, of the precursor of one of the most memorable nights of my final year in high school!

This post only has the pictures of what happened before we actually went out and had fun, I didn't bring my heavy camera along with me actually. I wanted to enjoy the moment instead of snapping away, so please do excuse me for that! 

My date, Sara and I. We opted for a classic all-black look. It's kinda funny, here in the US prom dresses for girls either get shorter than ever, or mirror wedding dresses. 

 Esther, Nikki, Alex, myself, Sara, and Tess. We took a few pictures before everybody else arrived, strangely the 99 degree weather didn't seem to bother us.
Sab and Yulli missed out on this wonderful Sailor Scout shoot. Nikki's face says it all.

Esther, Nikki, myself, Sara, Sabrina, Alex, Tess, and Yulli. I am so glad to have spent this wonderful evening with the loveliest of all people. For the past years I've encountered some of the trashiest people; and yet amongst the rough, I've found some of the most extraordinary people I have the honor of calling my friends. 

Enough of the sappy stuff, here are some more pictures! 

We're the couple everyone is afraid of, and yet we can't take ourselves seriously. hehe. 

Nervous Goddess Sabrina and Swamp Queen Alex!! 

 Sailor Scouts Esther and Nikki!

I think best picture of the night goes to Tess and Yulli. So adorable! 

Mucho thank you to my wonderful dad who took these photos C: 

Here's a basic and quick drop down of what we did that night. 

1. Bellagio Museum of Fine Art 
2. Bellagio Gelato Cafe
3. Comme Ca at Cosmopolitan for dinner.
4. Sara and I headed to the LINQ and people watched, while Tess, Yulli, Esther, Nikki, Alex, and Sab watched Cirque du Soleil's KA. Sara and I watched that show numerous times already so we opted to do something else. Mucho thank you to the big sis for hooking us up with those wonderful tickets <3 
5. Headed to Tea Station and had boba. 
6. Called it a night because exhaustion! 

I know you're wondering, did we even attend the actual dance? No. Nowadays, people only attend the dance very briefly, and go elsewhere for dinner and an afterparty. We decided to skimp out on that entire ordeal and do something on our own time. Do we regret it? Absolutely not. 

Interested in what happened? Do direct your attention to Nikki's wonderful recap of the event with her vlog, right over here. 

(PS. Alex actually doesn't think KA sucks. She's a sarcastic queen of butts.) 

Thanks for reading!

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