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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter lunch

This post is way overdue! Not much to say here really other than this past Easter, my mom hosted a small family lunch we had. Small is an understatement. She prepared enough food to feed a guild of soldiers. That's why I love having parties at my house, the food is always delicious and it never runs out! 

My sister recently visited Seattle with her boyfriend and brought back a selection of all these cheeses. My favorite one is the Beecher's on the far upper left. 

Charcuterie done right! Saucison, Prosciutto, and other kinds of cured meat. Yuuum. 

Korean Beef and chicken wings, I do apologize if you read this in the wee hours of night and your stomach starts grumbling. AeroDynamo is not responsible for any hungry tummies. 

What I ate the majority of the time. My mom made chicken and seafood paella and holy mother of all goosechases, this was beyond delicious. I watched her make it and for something that looks so complicated, the process was absolutely simple. 

Look at that texture and colour, ugh. I'm getting hungry just looking at it, and I just ate dinner too. :C 

As for decorations, my mom opted to get simple Tulips. It is Easter, what better way to celebrate with colourful flora? 

We also had a mini raw bar with Kusshi Oysters, these were to die for. I'm not a fan of oysters when it's a gigantic shell, I like smaller servings. 

My sister made certain sauces to accompany the oysters. Lemons, pomegranate rice wine vinegar and shtuff. 

Thanks for reading!

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