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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hey kids. It's been two weeks since my last post I think, so it's time for a new one. I promised myself I wouldn't let this blog of mine collect dust! Rather than having separate posts regarding these adventures, I just decided to go ahead and compile them all into one post. Picture heavy, but I would think it'd be better than posting separate posts. I don't wanna flood or bore you all! 

The week itself was just like any other week, but I made sure that I would do something to make it a bit more exciting, a bit more aerodynamic? hurhur. 



After school Tiffanie and I decided to go eat some sushi. It was another Tuesdate that we had, our bimonthly hang out where we catch up, talk about life, get inspired, and gorge our faces on a good meal. We haven't had sushi in SO LONG to be honest. The last time we had sushi together was probably a few months back. 

Two of my favorite things in my household. Meet my dog Birkie, and the ghostly chair. My friends think it's funny I have these in my house, but hey they give my lovely home character! 

So shortly after, Tiff picked me up and we headed to Sushimon, a nearby restaurant. We didn't wanna drive all the way to Chinatown, so we settled for somewhere close. Still good either way! 

We haven't eaten All-You-Can-Eat sushi in a long time, so we were pretty rusty on ordering, but we managed to get our old favorites. 

Unagi, Tuna, Salmon, and the last two sashimi I cannot for the life of me remember. Halibut or Yellowtail I cannot remember! 

I don't remember these ones as well. 

We a ton more, but I was honestly way too lazy to take pictures. I'm the blogger who gets more and more lazy during days I plan on photographing. After catching up we had coffee and went on our ways. This month's hangout was fueled by sushi and coffee. What's different? C: 



I did not do anything spectacular, while in fact I am pretty sure I don't remember what I did those two days besides study? I'm not too sure!!



It was Korean Club's final meeting! We all gathered for a picture and thanked everyone for making the year such a great one. Even though we are a newbie club, we did many things other clubs haven't like performed in front a crowd, cooked together, and such. Korean Club's got a lot of growing left to do, so the officers for next year better prepare. 

I'll never forget any of you all! 



Now this is where it gets a little more picture heavy. My mom's friend and her family visited us for the weekend, so we took them out to lunch at the Cosmopolitan. We ate at Milo's, the Greek restaurant they had over there. 

My favorite thing about the Cosmopolitan is that it's theme is a cohesive set of modern art. From the entrance all the way up to the restaurants, the entire hotel is decorated lavishly with pieces from artists all around. 

Digital pillars around the check in area. 


We took the wrong escalator so we ended up having to take this complete turnaround detour around the Cosmopolitan. I got to see some other pieces of art! 

As far as I remember, these pieces have been part of the Cosmo for a while. The bottom piece reminds me of street art you'd find in LA or NYC. 

When we got to the restaurant area, I stumbled upon the Cosmopolitan's P3 Studio. An art studio/gallery that houses artists for a month. In house artists that you could interact with and get a glimpse of their creative side.

The artist for the month of May and June, is the ever so talented Nao Uda. Uda-san's theme for her gallery is "Your Comments Are Important To Us". She invites guests in to collaborate on pieces that she creates. I love the simplicity of her work! 

Unfortunately, Uda-san wasn't around when I visited, so I hope to come back when she's in her workspace! 

Across the gallery was the restaurant we ate at. We ate at Milo's, a Greek restaurant with some pretty contemporary but rustic decor. 

The majority of the guests ate mostly at the patio. I wouldn't blame them, the weather was great that day. 

Time for food pictures! 

Traditional Calamari

Milo's Special. Sliced Zucchini and Eggplants lightly fried in a batter, along with bits of fried cheese. 

My appetizer. Simple Crab Cake with an emulsified mayo. 

 My main course. Lavraki, which is a sea bass topped with capers and broccoli. 

Dessert was a very simple plate of fresh fruits. 

After we finished, we went down and back to our car. Took a snap of All Saints. A UK based brand known for their punk/rocker style apparel. I love their exterior design, their wall is filled with industrial grade sewing machines. 

Afterwards we drove down to the LINQ and did a bit of sightseeing. 

The High Roller. The LINQ is much prettier at night, this giant ferris wheel lights up. 

The Brooklyn Bowl and Sprinkles. Sprinkles is a famed bakeshop/ice cream parlor from LA. The LINQ, happens to have the first Sprinkles here in Nevada. 

Afterwards we went to Ghiradelli to get some chocolate and dessert. 

The Ghiradelli Shop isn't that large, it's half dessert stand, half boutique. 

A brief history of Domingo Ghiradelli and his company. 

Love the color of the bags. 

A chocolate lover's dream? Yes. A diabetic's nightmare? Heck yeah. 

We ordered a hot fudge sundae and a banana split. Great stuff!
 Took a short walk around the LINQ. We made our way to the Polaroid Fotobar. 

Happened to stumble upon FAME. A restaurant that features Asian street food. We didn't go in since it just recently opened (there was a queue outside). This is the next place on my list! 

After getting to the Polaroid Fotobar, we went around and looked at their products. To summarize a shop, it's basically a big giant real life App. It's pretty amazing! 

The store gives you the opportunity to create "Polaroids" out of pictures you have. They've got computers everywhere so that customers can go and create these: 

My older sister got one made a week prior. Hers featured her in different parts of the globe! 

An extremely lifelike wax figure of Andy Warhol. 

The LINQ channels an inner city vibe. Think NYC or LA when it comes to buildings. 



1. School ends in a few days for me! Summer's finally here!
2. I graduate on the 12th. I will finally no longer be a high school student. 
3. I finally have a car! I can now drive around and do more blogging! 

Yeah, that's about it really! 

See you on the flipside, geeks. Thanks for reading!

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