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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rain + Umami Burger

Las Vegas is ridiculously notorious for its sweltering summers. As a resident of this city, I advise everyone not to step out of their house when the temperatures reach triple digits! However, if there is one thing that will surprise us Las Vegans (or Hendersonians, depending on where you live), it is rain. Rain is such a foreign blessing in this damn dessert that even a little downpour will surprise us. This past Friday, we had ourselves a storm that not only left my car a dirty mess but gave us some damn awesome cloud formations.

My family and I had reservations at SLS's Umami Burger and right before we left it finally began to pour. Beforehand, I took some pictures from my bedroom window of what the clouds and atmosphere had looked. 

As a visual artist, I completely fell in love with the sky's color palette. Gray, Pink, and a hint of Beige strangely make a comforting combination. 

After we left our house the rain decided to finally pour, and it poured. Hard. I tried my best to capture some of the lightning strikes in the vicinity, but I'm not that experienced as a photographer, hehe. So instead of lightning shots, enjoy these prolonged exposure shots. 

I should start shooting more pictures like these. They all remind me of some sort of Indie Emo Band album covers. 

 I don't know what happened I think I moved or something. That could also be the album title for this. 

In a city that seriously never sleeps, the rain makes everything look prettier.

One thing I really like about the SLS is the LED floor that greets you when you walk in. I pretended to be a pop star walking down their stage. Huhuhuhu. 

Umami! The first time I actually ate at Umami was I think a year ago? I don't think it really counts though, I was up at LAX waiting for my flight. When it opened here, I knew I had to try again. 

Umami is a sports/gaming bar, so it's only appropriate for the decoration to be, well, sporty!

 Stalker shot of this group of friends. It was quite funny, when their food was brought out they all had their cellphones at the ready. I thought they'd go and just take pictures of their meal but nooo, they actually held the plate of food to their face and took selfies with it. Creative points to them. 

The Menu. I ordered the Truffle Burger. 

I thought that it was extremely charming to see that they serve their soda in the respective bottles. I'm a big fan of bottles, lol. 

 For starters, we ordered Truffle Fries, Beet Salad, and a Pickled Plate. Truffle Fries and Beet Salad, to die for. Pickled Plate, well the pickles were good, as was the mushroom; however, the carrots on the upper right tasted like sad. Yep. If sadness was a taste, it would taste like those carrots. 

I love myself some onion rings, but do I love biting into an onion ring and not tasting anything? Not really. I was really disappointed! The onion rings looked so good but tasted so bland! Luckily though, Umami makes their own ketchup and that tasted absolutely wonderful. Dipping the onion ring in it made up for the lost flavor. 

My burger. I was too hungry to take a picture of my sister's and my parents' burgers, lol. Overall, the truffle burger was good! It was what I had up at LAX, so nothing too new. 

Out of five Syd Stars, I'd give this place a Three and a Half. To be quite frank, there is this huuuge hype about Umami Burger that I don't quite get. I love the place, it is very good, but like my sister, we'd rather eat at the one in LA as opposed to the one here. It's very different, if you've eaten at the original. I would come back though! 

I love the giant blob creature up front.

I also, really, really love the glowing plastic sofas they have in the Valet section. 

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next posts!


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