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Monday, January 19, 2015


It is such a nice feeling to be blogging again. I do apologize for the sudden inactivity, I came down with a weird flu on my birthday! So two weeks ago I turned 19, on the 9th to be more accurate. For the next few days I spent it lying in bed in absolute misery! I really had no idea what I was infected with, all I know was that one, I had a fever that kept bouncing up and down, and an extreme headache. I'm glad I'm out of that funk because hallucinating about a catering business is not fun at all, lol.

Continuing from the previous post, we left Tim Ho Wan and headed on down over to Shangri-La to browse some more and eat at Cibo. Cibo in a nutshell is an Italian restaurant that in my experiences has always been abundantly delicious and if ever you find yourself in Manila, do take the time and find it. 

Still quite a bummer there isn't a TWG in Vegas. 

Mom and her sisters. 

We also went into this home store that I forget the name of. I think it may have been Shelter? Saw some of the coffee table books and absolutely fell in love with the ones regarding certain fashion designers. I wish I could've bought the Yohji Yamamoto one. 

I'm gonna make it my goal to visit the Taschen book store in LA to get myself one of these. 

Cibo has this fabulous Iced Tea with a sprig of mint and I remember the first time I tried this, I guzzled it down immediately. Little did I know that Cibo does not offer refills, lol. 

Toast with a Pineapple Chicken Pâté. Pretty freaking delish. 

Cibo's most recognizable item on their menu. The thinly sliced potato chips and the garlic aioli is to die for! I always crave it during odd times. Honestly I can go to Cibo and just order this and be set. 

The little one then talked about his day at his friend's house. 

After eating and strolling, we went ahead and drove to my Uncle Trevor and Aunt Michelle's house to have some dessert. We were joined by Uncle Mark and Aunt Aihleen as well :) 

Being in their company is always a breath of fresh air because I always learn something new, that and their home in absolutely beautiful. The Bali theme is so fitting for them. 

Their turtles have grown so much in a year! When I visited them last year they were so tiny. 

The one thing I also look forward to whenever visiting Uncle Trevor and Aunt Michelle's home, they always have this wonderful mango torte that is both sweet and tangy! 

Everyone minus me, the photographer hehe. 

Beautiful home! Thank you so much for inviting us over!

As a side bonus, my favorite painting in their household. :) 

thank you for reading!


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