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Saturday, January 31, 2015


So after a day of gratuitous shopping and lollygagging, we were all pretty starved. Growing up in a Filipino-Chinese family, eating a 9 course Chinese dinner (or a Lauriat/lao diat as it is properly called), isn't something new. In fact, I actually quite enjoy it more than the typical ham and mashed potatoes. Heh. We met up at Gloria Maris, and had a table reserved for all 14 of us. I grew up eating at this restaurant and I think it was just recently that they renovated this place. 

Grandpa or Gua Kong's name at the top. Pretty cool how he's lucky number 8 also. Chinese superstitions with numbers is always so interesting. 

I seem to have a huge obsession with light fixtures. The more minimal, the better. 

The first course is always my favorite. Cold cuts if I'm not mistaken. I'm a huge fan of the jellyfish. 

 This beautiful duck came out next. Vegetarians/Vegans, look away! 

Then our friendly waitress began to carve the duck. I lied, this is my favorite course. 

 This is served with a white thin pancake, you put the skin and meat on it, a leek, and slather on some hoisin sauce, wrap, and eat. So unfortunate Vegas doesn't have something like this, and if there is, please recommend it to me! 

Noodles that I clearly remember taking forever to finish. 

Crab fried in salted egg. Bad for your cholesterol, good for your tastebuds. 

My family. We would've been complete if my dad were with us! 

I miss you two so much huhuhuhuuh. :C 

He can't hold still for a picture. Fun fact, the shirt he's wearing belonged to me when I was his age :) 

More pictures, heh. 

Afterwards, we all went back home to open gifts. It's so nice to see an outpour of boxes and bags under the Christmas tree. 

Uncle PJ and Tita Lei brought their dog Bruno!! Bruno and I have a weird relationship. I don't know if he likes me because I like terrorizing him sometimes. But he licks my face a lot so maybe he does like me? 

This is the end of the Syd in Manila blogs! Thank you for keeping up and reading them! 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Syd in Tokyo, coming soon.

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