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Sunday, March 23, 2014


As a treat to ourselves for performing, we went ahead and ate at Korean Garden BBQ as a little mini celebration for our efforts. I mean, it'd be terrible if we just left after the performance! We need a little energy after using ours up, so we ate as much as we could, little did I know that I'd make a ton of memories during this dinner. This post doesn't really have any context to it, it's really just a photojournal of what happened afterwards, also there is food so read this on a full stomach, or on an empty if you'd like to make yourself suffer.
 This picture would've been better if Zi hadn't done something weird with his face. Thanks Zi. Thanks. Just kidding, I guess he didn't know when the shutter went off? At least Calvin and Nikki look spectacular!!
Alex joined us! Hi Alex!
President Hana, Secretary Marylin, Alyssa, and Jaimie sat at the table next to ours. 

As did many of our other friends. The more the merrier really. 

This photo sums up Nikki and Calvin's relationship entirely. 
Kayla showing Cassidy and Deb how to cook, or the other way around I'm not entirely sure. 

Q with a full mouth, Kela, and Kevin. :D 

Ricky, Zoe, and Justice came in after everyone else, so we were complete! 

Cassie, Nicka, and Justice's mom joined as well! Thank you again to Justice's mom for driving them all the way to Chinatown, you rock! 

It was Zi's first time eating Korean BBQ I think, he enjoyed it!

The infamous freaking mashed potatoes. For some reason, these mashed potatoes were so tasty we kept finishing it and each time the waitress would come back with smaller portions. It wasn't until Calvin called her back and did a weird hand clenching thing and she gave us two huge scoops. I have no idea but we all found it to be so freaking funny. Especially Sara and Alex, they laugh way too hard at the mention of mashed potatoes!!

Vice President Esther and Tech Editor Priscilla!! Scissors up Esther's nose because she doesn't know how to hold stuff. 

I'm blogging this at 10:08 PM and I'm getting hungry again. Particularly craving the brisket and the samgyupsal (pork belly). 

Korean Club, you have made me proud yet again. 

Happy Sunday, I hope your week goes GREAT!

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