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Monday, March 17, 2014

Photojournal: Bachi Burger

This is a really long and overdue post so don't expect it to be detailed! This post is a month old so I barely remember anything from it, but here are the pictures that I took!

I took Tiffanie to the movies before our lunch since it was her birthday the weekend before. We watched Philomena, and really enjoyed it! Loved Judi Dench's acting throughout. Afterwards, Tiff and I decided to eat lunch and usually her and I really indecisive about these things so as a split decision, we went out and ate at Bachi Burger. 

 One of my favorite restaurants in the Las Vegas Valley. They offer fusion-style dishes that range from Wagyu burgers to Duck Bao. 

 I'm only noticing this now, but they have bagoong on the lower left. I don't recall any dishes having bagoong in them however? To my non-Filipino readers, bagoong is a Filipino/Southeast Asian sauce/flavouring ingredient that's made of fermented shrimp that's been grounded into a paste. I personally really like bagoong, but people are often turned off by the extremely pungent smell it has. 

They've got the wall adjacent to their entrance decorated with various press release/magazine spreads about their wonderful restaurant. 

Birthday girl! 

I recommend ordering their Parmesan Truffle Fries with Sundried Tomato Aioli, Drizzled with Porcinni Cream Sauce. 

I ordered the Ronin Burger! I got too hungry after that to take pictures of Tiff's food. 

Happy Reading! 


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