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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hey guys! This is a proper update for once, the last proper post regarding my life was my Chinese New Year's post and that was a month back! I guess the majority of February was focused on my school work and after school extracurricular activities.

Sometime mid-February, I decided to finally get up off my butt and FINALLY pick up my camera and start photography up again. As a personal project, I went ahead and photographed myself and my friends Nikki and Sara in order to create a faux fashion magazine spread. I barely post photos of myself on this blog so hey, if you forgot what I looked like, then here are some self-obsessed "professional" shots of me.

The photos looked absolutely wonderful and for an amateur such as myself, I feel like I outdid my own expectations. With the pictures, I attached an interview questionnaire I borrowed from lookbook.  Of course, there needs to be a magazine in order to create an editorial right? Instead of biting off already established magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, I took it a bit further and created my own. 

Introducing, Histoire.

Click on to enlarge and read the interview! I give an in-depth look on what the fashion scene is like in Las Vegas, what I love about this city, and were I see myself in four years. 

Stay tuned for HISTOIRE FEMME, coming soon.

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