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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Cream to my Coffee, The Sugar to my Tea.

You'll get why the title is like that in a few. Honestly, this Spring Break has been one of the best ones in my opinion. Yes, I am stuck at home, but that doesn't mean that I'm miserable! In fact, I'm really, really happy. I started off break with two of my best friends, Tiffanie and Lauren. I know all of you see I hang out with Tiffanie a lot, but the fact that Lauren came with us (finally!) made this day even better. 

We've been so busy lately we haven't had the chance to sit down and have a decent catch up/meal with each other. I think that's the great thing about solid friendships, you can go several weeks without speaking and when you do see each other, it's as if nothing changed! 

As per usual, we started the day off with food. Heavenly food, if I do say so myself. We went down to the District and ate at Settebello. I've only ever eaten here once but I won't ever forget how great this place is. I suggested this place and since Tiff and Lauren haven't eaten here, they agreed. We like new things!

The quote about how good food gets better with great company is true. These two have stuck by me through thick and thin, they're practically family already. Hell, they eat at my place often!
Balsamic vinegar and oil for the focaccia bread we ordered.
We ordered the Genovese Pizza, which had Basil, Pesto, Prosciutto, and Mozzarella cheese. Heaven. It's heaven. Please do try it if you do end up coming here! 

Freshly made Focaccia bread. I think we all mutually agreed that Settebello will be our new eating spot for the next few months. The pizza still lingers in my dreams. 

After eating, we decided to run some errands together to fill up some of the time. We took a trip down to Target and looked around for some things. Tiff ended up buying herself a copy of The Fault in Our Stars after reading mine.  Who's excited for the movie? I know I am. 

I know I'm not the only person that does this, but my decision to buy something is based around it's packaging. The cleaner it is and the more modern, I'm more inclined to buy it. That's why I am in LOVE with Target's Kid Made Modern line of art supplies. As an advocate for art, I can't stress how important it is to introduce art to growing children. Art has helped me in so many ways and I can only hope it does the same to kids everywhere else. 

See what I mean about the packaging? Clean, modern, and appealing. I've actually been eyeing the set of stretched canvases. $15 for a pack of canvases in several sizes? What a steal.

The first time I was introduced to Kid Made Modern, I wasn't a kid anymore. At first I was completely shocked at how much progress Target has reached when it came to selling art supplies to kids. Back then, all I had was Crayola, or worse, Rose Art. Now with the introduction of Kid Made Modern, I'm sure there are more child artists out there! 

For party needs, my family's go-to is Spritz. Spritz offers a bunch of quirky decorations like paper straws, streamers, and whatnot. 

After Target, we finally decided to go to the one place we've been wanting to go to for the longest time. Driving all the way across town, we went to Serenade for some coffee. It was my first time going there and it was such a breath of fresh air. I loved the ambience and the set up of the entire place.  Serenade is a Korean coffee shop that oozes that coffee culture vibe. Though it is my first time, I can see myself coming back in days to come. 

Various coffee beans from around the world. The smell is just so intoxicating!

Their decor is nothing short of amazing. I think my ideal home would have exposed brick walls such as this and modern light fixtures. 10 points to Serenade for wonderful interior design!

The chalkboard menu and overall feel of the place reminded me a whole lot of The First Shop of Coffee Prince. One of my all time favorite Korean dramas. The fact that they had some acoustic Korean music playing in the background added to that as well. 

 Even the hallway leading to the restrooms are decorated! 

Another 10 points added for their industrial ceiling. Tiffanie knew that I was gonna add that into my blog, hehe. 

Tiffanie ordered a Green Tea Frappe while Lauren and I both ordered a Cafe Latte. The latte art is amazing! What stood out to me the most was the fact that the coffee was perfect. It wasn't too sweet nor was it completely bitter. It was just right, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

"LOOK CANDID!" Tiffanie turns into a Mexican Farmer. 

Here's to more days like these, and here's to friendship! Thanks for reading, and I hope the rest of your week is amazing. 

In other news, I got my license!

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