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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I think by far the biggest even of the first half of 2014 for me was graduating high school.

On June 12, 2014, I, Sydney, graduated from my high school and now officially on my way to becoming a college freshman. Four years of memories, four years of studying, and four years of me on the scales of balance praying that I would pass, finally paid off. Sure, you may think "it's just a high school graduation!", and yes it is just a high school graduation, but a graduation nonetheless. 

Here's just a few pictures of the ceremony that took place. 

My biggest inspirations and even bigger supporters. I love my family, hehe.

Two of the best people in the entire world. My best friend Tiffanie and my cousin Chris. 

Proud grandparents! 

I realized in the majority of these pictures my eyes are so heavily squinted. It was an extremely bright and clear day that day! Not to mention hot. Underneath that robe I was simmering. 

 With some of my fellow graduates. Keita, one of the many valedictorians we have, Kimmy minus her robe, Catalina, and I. The funny thing about these robes is that we all looked like church choir singers in them. Everyone looked like they had massive and broad shoulders. The white cord I'm wearing is for the honors status that I'm graduating with, while the magenta and peach one are for me being part of National Arts Honors Society. I was Vice President!

Can you find where I am? 

Quickly spotted my dad and waved! 

From the looks of everyone's faces, I look to be the most excited?

Lauren joined us soon after! I'm now part of the young adult club! 

 Thank you all for being there!
I graduated, and now here's to the future. 

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