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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

University Days

Like I said in the post before this, I promised a post about school. This post covers the first two days of my weekly schedule. I figured that if I even tried to fit in all five days, then this post would go on forever, lol. University life has been pretty good to me, I'm glad that all my classes are in the same building and that I don't have to walk across campus just to get to the next room. As a Freshman, I'm taking five classes, spaced out Monday through Friday. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have my Design and Drawing class, while on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Sociology and English. As for Friday, I have my first year seminar class.


My Mondays are pretty relaxing. My art classes take up the entire day, so that's basically back to back two and a half hour classes of drawing/designing/art-ing. Before school however, I pick Nikki up from her place and we carpool together. Having someone in the car with you for a 30 to 45 minute drive is awesome. We usually catch up with each other about the weekend, things we did and stuff. Nikki's also my navigator so if ever I get lost she's on Google Maps trying to figure out the way, LOL. 

We usually go forth and sit on a bench that isn't too far from my classroom. It's situated nicely in the shade, so we deemed it our "spot" where later on, we meet with Sara. UNLV's campus itself is pretty big, so it's always fun people watching while sitting down sipping coffee. The diversity in the campus is probably one of my favorite things about the school. 

Oxfords for me, Wedges for Nikki. 

It's always nice seeing sculptures from the Art Department. 

Nikki brought her camera on Monday as well, you can read her blog post right over here

I really do love the Fine Arts building. Not only is the gallery there that we can freely walk into, but the building itself and the rooms have so much character in them. I didn't get to take photos inside my first art class since we got straight to work and I didn't wanna make a scene with such a large camera. 

My second art class though, I was able to go and take photos. I'm in love with the fact that our class has these huge windows up top, it lets in natural light so that's pretty awesome. 

My assignment was to draw a screw driver. Was it fun? No, lol. 

We had critiques to do, so these horses were turned on their back and such. I would have honestly much rather drawn that plant instead of my screwdriver. 

After this class ended, I had a study session with Nikki and Sara at Sara's place, so we met her at her house first. Long story short, we got hungry and drove to Chinatown for some Korean Barbecue. KBBQ is the answer to all the questions in life. 

Sara recently got her license so she drove us to KBBQ! Notice anything similar? Sara and I actually drive the same exact car, just different interior colors. Hers is that light milk tea color, while mine is a chocolate. Hah, using beverages to describe beige and brown. How artsy of me, lol. 

I'm pretty positive the servers at Korean Garden BBQ know us already. We're here way too often. 


On Tuesday I've got a little bit of leg room for time, since my class doesn't start until 10:30. Nikki, Sara, and I are usually at campus by 9:30 and we hang out at that bench of ours. The thing about University I absolutely and wholeheartedly detest the most is the parking. At UNLV there's I think 3 parking lots, and I park at Cottage Grove which is the closest parking structure for me to get to. After 9:30, the parking immediately gets full! To all those kids going to college next year, good luck with parking. 

From my instagram. (follow it! @happy_evil) This is the bench Nikki and I sit on. 

My first class is Sociology, but with the amount of kids in that class I can't just whip out my camera, so enjoy these iPhone pictures. 

Notes on Sub-Culture and Counter Culture. 

There's roughly 50 something kids in my class. I really like Sociology so far! The professor is extremely nice and very relatable. We watched videos on Vampires and Superheroes! 

After my Sociology class I have an hour and a half lunch break. I usually head towards Lied Library and hang out there with my friends. One thing I love about University also, is the fact that we're able to eat in the library. Back in High School, that was a big no-no. 

The exterior of the five story library is pretty sleek in design. I love it!

Esther and her grilled mushrooms, that of which she shared with me for lunch. Thank you Esther!

With how big this library is, it's kind of funny how I've never quite ventured all the way to the 5th floor. I've stayed in the 2nd floor with my lunch buddies since the first week of school. 

After that hour and a half, my last class of the day is English which isn't far of a walk from Lied Library. 

My classroom is right up at that building you see with the blue and red. 

My English class is technically a creative writing class, but instead they changed it into an English class MADE for the Fine Arts Department. I guess they wanted it to sound fancier? I love this class to be honest. We're watching futuristic/dystopian movies to help us with our essays. 

Case in point, we watched I, Robot. 

One of the highlights of walking back to the parking lot and driving home. I get this pretty awesome view of the Las Vegas Strip. It's pretty awesome how the life of Las Vegas isn't that far from my school.

Thanks for reading!


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