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Friday, May 8, 2015


Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to work as a photographer for my friend Sam's makeup portfolio. She casted Nikki as her model and we drove to Red Rock and had ourselves a shoot revolving around 3 looks. Since we were in a desert environment the looks Sam did on Nikki were heavily inspired by the canyon's colors. 

Look One was inspired by the red against the blue sky. 

 I also took some headshots of Sam. When you're in a location as beautiful as Red Rock Canyon, you take every opportunity to use it!

Look Two was focused on the colors of the canyon. Lots of reds, browns, and oranges. 

Look Three, which was my personal favorite, was inspired by the desert plants against the dry areas. 

It's always so fun working with these two. 

For more information on Nikki and Sam, follow their respective instagrams below: 

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