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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This is mega late. Like really, really late. The final part of my Syd in Japan posts is now here and I'm having a pretty good time reminiscing the last few days of my trip. We took the bullet train/shinkansen to Osaka and compared to Tokyo, Osaka has a more laid back feel to it. Both are large cities but the vibe I got from Osaka was completely different than Tokyo.

We got these amazing pineberries! Basically, white strawberries but they taste exactly like pineapples. Produce in Japan is freaky expensive, I think my sis paid about 80 USD for a box.

Quick thing btw, all the photos present on this blog were taken on my iPhone. I got extremely tired of bringing my gigantic DSLR with me everywhere, so I opted for my cellphone instead. 

The first day was very rainy and the deck of our hotel was really soaked. It was pretty though!

Compared to the hotel we stayed at in Shinjuku, this hotel in Osaka was situated in the business district. Very quiet in comparison to Shinjuku's constant hustle. 

I loved these guys' backpacks. 

Dad and I on a billboard!

 Queen Kyary

Cute couple in couple clothing. Say that 5x fast.
I went inside Urban Research Store and fell in love with the designs, bloody expensive though.

I didn't care if it was 20 degrees out, I had to get a Green Tea Soft Cream.

On our last day, M and I made friends with Hayato-san, who sold her those lovely shoes he's holding

That's it for my Syd in Japan series! I hope you've enjoyed these late posts and please do forgive me for them being so back logged.


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