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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


School is finally over. I survived my freshman year of college and honestly, it was more manageable than expected. In high school they use fear tactics to make you think that university is this big scary place where every assignment matters and if you miss class one day the university will kick you out. All those assumptions are false. To sum up my first year as a college student, I'd have to say it was challenging, but it was doable. I'm not saying that college is a walk in the park, but it's also not thermodynamic problem solving (unless you're majoring in thermodynamics, if so, disregard). There were many nights that as an art student I felt like my abilities were not good enough, but I persevered. I worked hard and I survived. The nights where I found myself stressed were spent of course, reading.

Another part of my Bibliophile series! You can find the last one I did, right over here
Throughout March and May, my classes became pretty hectic hence the stress, but I was pretty surprised I was able to read and absorb all these books I have down. 

Within those three months, I read five books. 
1. Soppy by: Philippa Rice
2. Hi, Konnichiwa by: Yayoi Kusama
3. Humans of New York by: Brandon Stanton
4. Grace's Guide by: Grace Helbig
5. Asian Street Fashion by: James Bent

First one up! Soppy

Philippa Rice is a UK based illustrator who compiled together various pieces she did reflecting her life with her boyfriend Luke. This book is probably one of my new favorites because not only is it very simple but it's also really aesthetically pleasing. I love the minimal usage of color she uses for all of her illustrations. This book is also really cute, lol. I had my friends Nikki and Tiffanie read it, and both fell in love with how cute Philippa and Luke's relationship is. 

Soppy is not a chapter book, but a collection of illustrations chronicling everyday adventures Philippa has with Luke. You can see what I mean by the minimal usage of colors. 

For more information on Philippa Rice and her illustrations, visit her website here! Or browse her tumblr over here

Next, Yayoi Kusama's art book, Hi, Konnichiwa.

I consider Yayoi Kusama to be one of my inspirations and imaginary eccentric grandmother, so when I saw that she had an art book that housed all her works, I immediately bought it. Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese avant-garde artist who specializes in these billions of polka dots she calls "Infinity Nets". All you fashion-folk out there might remember the collaboration she did was Louis Vuitton back in 2012. 

Ah yes, the famous Humans of New York book. Obviously if I were to do a book review post, this one could not get left behind! I actually got this book as a present from my sister but I didn't get around to fully reading it until recently. 

I'm sure many of you are familiar with HONY. New York based photographer Brandon Stanton compiled together photos he's taken of people in New York in this nifty little book. There are tiny captions in and around each page that describe the situation of each shot. 

For more information on Brandon Stanton and his work, check out the HONY website, here!

If there is one thing in particular I would not have expected to read at all, it would be Grace Helbig's Grace's Guide.

Grace's Guide is a self-help book and seeing as I'm not really a legitimate grown up yet, I had my doubts whether or not I could relate to what she had to say. Within the first five pages I was hooked instantly! I've been watching Grace Helbig on YouTube for quite some time now and reading her book made my fondness for her grow stronger. I know those stressful nights were relieved quite a bit when I was reading this. 

James Bent's Asian Street Fashion completes this list.

Think of this book as HONY's more fashionable younger sibling. Photographer James Bent went around cities in Asia such as Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, etc and photographed various people in fashionable clothing. The book is split up into sections that deal with the seasons, men's fashion, and women's fashion. I had a great time flipping through the pages, it's pretty inspiring actually! After looking through I felt like I needed to go shopping and give my closet an overhaul, haha. 

This book is actually a great resource when it comes to illustrating as well. I've been drawing some of the people featured in this book (will be posting about that another time). 

There you have it! My book reads for March-May. Have you all been reading lately? 


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