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Thursday, May 28, 2015


A little over a year ago, I made a post about my workspace. Like every artist out there a workspace is essentially the most important part of the whole process. A workspace can tell you so much about an artist and how they go about approaching their medium. I like the saying that goes kind of like how the organization of a place is a reflection of one's thought process. The neater my workspace is, the more productive I get. That doesn't mean that my station never gets messy though. When I'm really into my work, that's when things get a little messy, haha. The cleanup part is also kind of fun anyways. 

If you've been reading AeroDynamo for a while now, you can see how much has changed in a year. I decided to install shelves and add a bit of decoration to my area. All the tags and other stuff I had posted on my wall are still with me! I'm looking for another way to incorporate them. 

The clear containers are from Muji. Originally I had these pens in a black box and it was such a pain fishing through them to find the right one. I'm so glad that I've stumbled upon these organizers at Muji. Quite the space saver too! Ever since I decided to place my Copics up on the shelves, my desk space expanded so much. 

Heh, got these two Sonny Angel figurines from a local toy store, they are also the limited edition LadurĂ©e figures! The Voluspa candle smells absolutely wonderful. I normally light it when I want to draw and relax. The smell is very light and not overbearing, I'm not a fan of super sweet scents. 

Another candle, lol. I got this one from Anthropologie! It's Espresso scented and like the Voluspa one, it isn't a scent that is way too strong. I light this one when I want to study, the scent of coffee makes me feel a lot more concentrated. 

This super awesome DIY marquee is from Michaels. You can actually customize it any way you want as the material is a stiff cardboard, but I'd rather leave it clean and white. 

I find that these three things basically sum up my personality. lol. The skull is actually a pen holder but I like it better as a decorative item. 

Lastly, my Copics. I got a new set earlier this year as a birthday gift to myself. 

One day, instead of a workspace tour, I'll be posting a studio tour. 

Thanks for reading!


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