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Friday, April 10, 2015

SYD IN JAPAN: Harajuku & Shibuya

Out of all the days in Japan, I've got to say that the second day was my favorite. Starting out bright and early, we headed for Harajuku to do some shopping and sightseeing. 

Just a fair warning, since this blog is a good three months late, it'll mostly be pictures. I'll have a few side comments here and there. 

When I visited, I noticed that Japan had promoted Psycho Pass a whole lot, I still haven't watched the entire anime, but so far it's been good. 

We originally were supposed to take the subway to get to Harajuku, but instead we opted to walk so we could see more sights. First one up, was Takashimaya. Takashimaya is a high end department store that opens at 9 or 10? The one thing my aunts told me is that as soon as the doors open, all the attendants line up and start bowing to you and won't stop until everyone has been bowed to. I don't think I've bowed back so much in my life!

I can't stress my love for the architecture of Japanese stores. Each one has it's own personality.

I tried street photography. This chic woman seemed to be in a hurry. Loved her coat!

Almost there! Before that though, we stopped at this cafe called The Deck Coffee & Pie that had a connecting boutique called the Free Peddler Market. 

These beautiful buildings were right across. 

They had these cacti and succulents for sale up front. 

What I found really cool cafe was that it had a very Western theme to it. All the cacti and Cowboy motifs reminded a whole lot of Arizona. 

Their bathroom was adorable!!

Passed by this cookie shop with the strangest mascot? They had rainbow eyelids!


The famous Takeshita Street! I had so much fun walking down this street, all the stores and the visual overload going on made it really memorable. 

All the fashion going on was so wonderful! It was so nice seeing the individual personalities each person put out with their clothes. I'm loving the pink sweater and plaid skirt combo. 

The haircolor of the guy on the left is pretty cool. I want it!

I regret not getting that Japan varsity jacket. 

This Vampire Dentist Bear became my friend. 

Also made friends with these three lovely ladies! They were amazed by my Dad's GoPro so I took a picture of them also. 

The gaudiness of this store was amazing. 


So while my mom, aunts, and sis went shopping, my dad, uncle, and I strayed to look for some of the more obscure shops. 

 Ok I take that back, this shop wasn't obscure it was so, bright LOL. 

Loved the art on the steps. 


Passed by this salon. 

There was a huge black bird on the tree that kept making the weirdest noises. Look closely and you'll see. 

Who is Honey and why are they Dead?

I have no idea what this store sold but Titicaca, as in Lake Titicaca, was the name. 

Strange how this street was empty. Kind of eerie because on the opposite side it was so busy!

The Japanese are such a stylish people. 

Stopped by for some Takoyaki! 

I had legitimate Pepper Lunch in Japan! 

So finally after our adventure in Harajuku, we went ahead and ventured over to Shibuya. My Uncle and I went to the famous Starbucks that oversees the entire crossing and took photos. 

And then, I crossed Shibuya Crossing!! There's a video of it on my Instagram :) 

So after our little trek, we found Hachi, a very loyal dog. 

This ends Day Two! Stay tuned for the rest!

I promise I won't disappear for three months again. LOL


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