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Friday, April 11, 2014

Around the house.

I think it's a bit funny that when you get used to your surroundings, you don't really notice the special niches they have. The small things that you're so used to, the small things that make home, home. It's been quite a relaxing few days so I'm dedicating the next couple posts as a creative release. 

I went around my house to appreciate it a little bit more. Camera in hand, I snapped away at the small things that distinguishes my house from the others. 

First thing up on this list is the sole area in my kitchen that keeps me from shutting down in the morning and the area that keeps my drive from faltering during those late night creative bursts. Such as right now, I'm currently writing this out at 10:30. 

Our little tea and espresso corner. The Nespresso isn't pictured because it's a bit boring compared to everything else. I am completely in love with our mirrored tea tray, it matches the reflective surface of our tea pot! My mom's a bit of a tea addict so she goes all out when it comes to buying tea. My dad on the other hand is pretty picky with his coffee. It's kind of that stereotypical parent thing. Dad does coffee, Mom does tea. I'm a bit of both, but I do prefer coffee moreover tea some days. I'm not too fond of espressos though, I find them a bit too strong! 

Tray: Zara Home Engraved Tray 
 Tea pot: TWG 
I know this may sound absurd but, sugar, depending on what kind it is, totally affects the flavor of your tea or coffee. My personal favorite for coffee is on the far left. These raw sugar crystals don't overly sweeten my coffee, it gives it that right amount of bittersweet. The pebble looking sugar crystals in the middle is my choice for tea. Why? Because they look cool. And because I really like how I can gauge the sweetness by the size of each rock. 

Another thing I'm in love with is this brand new kettle my mom got for her birthday. It's so freakishly large, but at the same time really adorable. 

I thought it was porcelain at first but I guess it's metal? Quite sturdy I might say. 

The little knob reminds me of a rose. 

This was given to my mom as a present by one of her dear friends, and I think she picked it up from Nordstrom? Rumor has it the Kardashians have this same kind of kettle on their stove as well.. 
I understand calling a flower cut, but a plant? I don't think I've ever called any shrub adorable, that is until I was introduced to Topiaries! For the longest time I didn't know what these circular plants were called and after figuring out it's name the cute factor just doubled. 

For the longest time I thought these plants were fake because they were so green. It wasn't until as of recent when my mom told me to spritz them with some water. 

My uncle who used to work for Pepsi gave us this rad cooler. For parties, we put drinks in here but on a day to day basis dried mangoes and crackers are stored here, hehe. 

One of my favorite things about my home. This centerpiece we have for our coffee table. White is such an inviting colour and pairing it with accents of gold and black make it all the more alluring. 

When we first got this Kenneth Cobonpue miniature chair, I thought it was a cellphone holder, but it's just a scale model of the actual chairs he has. It's called Yoda! 

My mom's small collection of coffee table books. 

Fu Dogs that I spray painted white. A while back they were this dingy bronze/yellow colour. White gives them a modern twist. 

A new addition to the centerpiece! My older sis recently gave my mom this Fornasetti candle. I love the design of it. 

The Verveine candle hasn't been lit, but I heard it smells heavenly. 

Some Chanel books and a pineapple candle. 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my posts regarding my art, workspace, and materials. 

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