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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hello Dynamos! Is it a bit too early to start referring to my readers as Dynamos? Does it seem too rude of me to start establishing a fanbase? I don't even have that many "fans". Ah well, I guess I'm just getting way in over my head, or as I'd like to call it, thinking big! If I weren't to call you wonderful people Dynamos, you'd have to settle for Squids. I have to thank Alex for coming up with that. 

Anywho, two weeks ago, Tiffanie and I had a lunch date yet again. What I love about our friendship is the fact that we only ever see each other twice or maybe if we're not busy, three times a month. I think that's the basis of a very healthy friendship. Give your friends space because I'm sure that they wouldn't appreciate you all up on their business every damn day. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. Tiffanie and I met up at the District, which in my opinion, is a very underrated shopping area. It's in the heart of New Henderson and with the onset of Las Vegas's other malls, The District came to be a mall where locals would only go to chill out. 

Personally speaking, I don't see very many tourists at this side of town, if anything it's the tourists who stay at the adjacent hotel from The District. If I can remember correctly, The District opened up a good 10 or 11 years ago, and back then when I was a wee little elementary school kid, this place was the place to be. Now? It's more quiet and serene. 

As per usual, Tiff and I met up for lunch. We don't normally hang out at the District but since we wanted somewhere quiet and modern, we decided to go here. Rachel's Kitchen was our place to eat, and it was both our first time there. 

 If I could describe this place, it'd be VERY American. When Tiff and I walked in here the one thing we noticed was this place was busting with housewives who met up with other housewives and had their daily talks. It was kinda like something out of a primetime drama. 

It was a beautiful day out, so Tiff and I opted to sit outside. One thing I've noticed about Tiff is that her sense of fashion has only skyrocketed. She went from always mismatching patterns to having an artsy-grunge chic city-girl look. Her and I laugh about the many fashion faux pas we've committed. 

I ordered myself a smoked turkey with avocado and chipotle sauce sandwich with Ciabatta bread. Tiff had a really juicy burger that I yet again, forgot to photograph. We're hungry kids, not food bloggers. 

If one thing's for sure, it is that after 10-11 years, The District upped the ante with their entire look. I haven't gone to The District in such a long time that when I saw that they've remodeled the majority of their surroundings I was pretty damn impressed. Hell, the splash pad here looked really tempting to jump into. But alas, I was not ready to get my Rag&Bone sweater soaked. 

After eating, Tiff and I went down to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to chill out. A day with the best friend isn't complete with coffee. Or in Tiffanie's case, a green tea frappe. I love coffee, but I don't consider myself a coffee connoisseur, if there's coffee near I'll take it. So long as it is not too bitter or too sugary, I'll take it! I don't quite understand the feud between people who enjoy Starbucks over people who enjoy CBTL, it's coffee guys. 

I do have to admit, the mini deli selection they have up at Coffee Bean is a bit more to my liking in comparison to Starbucks. Their hummus and tzatziki zip with pita chips is divine. 

 Also 5 points awarded to Coffee Bean for their decor. I like how the tables look like deconstructed coffee crates. 

I wouldn't mind having these up on my wall. They may be miniscule, but they give the cafe a warmer feeling. Ambiance is everything! 

After Coffee Bean Tiff and I were stumped on what to do, and since it was a Tuesday, that meant half off movie tickets. So as for tradition's sake, we went ahead and watched Liam Neeson's NonStop. I'm not one for such predictable movies but I did enjoy myself! Tiffanie was really focused on the movie and when the highest point of the movie was going on, the girl could barely contain herself in her seat. For a quick movie review, I give this movie 3/5 Stars. Why? Because I said so. 

To kill more time, we went inside the stores to browse. We went to Anthropologie first to check out their stuff. I love Anthropologie's home decor and book selections. The entire store itself has a very quirky and rustic vibe to it. Think cozy NYC apartment with a dash of Zooey Deschanel. 

I'm kicking myself over and over again for not picking up some of these books on sale. They had interior design books along with some vintage recipe cook books.

Geek Prince and Grunge Princess

Our last stop of the day was Charming Charlie's. Think of it as a store with clothing in every colour in the visible spectrum all organized and arranged to fit the needs and desires of the public. 

It really is a store you can't miss. The striped awning and the bright pink doors are a dead giveaway. 

The place really is teeming with everything you could possibly need, and in every color as well. It is a women's apparel store, but I get overwhelmed with all the choices this place has. 

Ending the day on a high note, Tiff and I walked around the place one last time before going home. It's weird posting this because as of right now, we're planning our next lunch date LOL 

And with my fantastic timing of posts, that lunch date won't probably be blogged about until May. Hopefully not! 

Thanks for reading!

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