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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Workspace

I promised this post, so here we go! Every artist has their own special place where they do their magic, be it in their home or elsewhere. If I were the one completely in charge, then I would've bought myself a studio somewhere in the arts district, but then again, that's just wishful thinking. 

For some reason, I'm never satisfied with how my desk is. I don't remember the amount of times I've rearranged how it, but somehow it always falls the same in every single way. Thank god for Pinterest. I don't have one myself, but I do love browsing through people's boards based on desk arrangements.

Having a corner desk, it's really nice being able to work and draw, and basically create utilizing natural sunlight. My desk lamp on the far left is perfect when it gets dark. It's small, but the light is real strong. On the right are my babies, my COPIC markers and watercolours. I think I'd save these first if my house was on fire. Towards the center are a bunch of little doo-dads that I find appealing. 

I've got some tags on my wall as well, from my favorite brands and from tags that I just find really cool. There's an instant film also on there of my desk, hehe. 

Notes from two my closest friends. If I'm in a bad place mentally I just look up and read them, they give me an extra boost to start creating again! 

Various notebooks and moleskines. I've got two large watercolour moleskines that have yet to be filled, and two smaller ones for drawing as well. The other ones I use for note taking and whatnot. 

Thanks for reading! Also, if you're an artist, what does your workspace look like?

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