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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

black&white; ghosts.

Early July, I went ahead and flexed my styling and photography skills and had a small shoot with my friends, Nikki and Sara. This photoshoot itself was a running gag between all of us, LOL. Nikki's been writing this story that centers around a Death Dealer, a Resident Ghost, and an Agent of Life. 

I played the Agent of Life, hence my cherubic-look. Sara was in charge of the makeup so she took inspiration from John Galliano's 2009 Fall collection. Sara is the Death Dealer and she had a "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" look to her. As for Nikki who played the Resident Ghost, Sara made her look more pale and tired. 

Anywho, I don't wanna go and explain what the story is because damn is it a mouthful. So here are some of the best shots in the entire set, which you can view on my flickr.

The red eyeliner and the gradient lip were simple, but very striking against Sara's pale skin. 

The makeup for me was EXTREMELY thick and very caked on in real life, but as soon as I stepped under the studio set up, it somehow made me look extremely angelic and young. I guess filling in my eyebrows and such would make such a big difference! Props to Sara for her wonderful makeup skills!

Editing Nikki as the Ghost was the most fun out of the three of us. Basically, to make her see through, I had to take a shot of the chair separately, then of her, and had to superimpose the images together. 

Took inspiration from Korean fashion magazine High Cut for these birds eye view shot.

For the entire, set click this link over here!

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