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Friday, August 22, 2014


Think of the term "back to school". What exactly is it that you feel or notice when something like that is said? It's not a word that has such grandeur to it, nor is it anything too new. Back to school is as straightforward as it gets! When I was little, I would picture going shopping for brand new supplies, getting a new backpack, and of course; purchasing new clothes. 

Last Wednesday, I had this wonderful opportunity to style and photograph a lo and behold, a "back-to-school" themed photo shoot with Nikki. Now, we didn't want this to be a shoot in which we just went ahead and shot ourselves wearing clothes, we wanted to stick to a central theme. To some of my readers, you are just about to enter high school, some like myself, are entering University for the first time. So why not create a shoot inspired by one of the most well-known coming-of-age films, (that I'm pretty sure you all know) The Breakfast Club. 

Yep, we went the John Hughes route and decided to create five looks that fit into the social stereotypes the movie serves. The Brain, The Athlete, The Basket Case, The Princess, and The Criminal. Nikki and I created five looks each in which we drew heavy inspiration from these stereotypes. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might notice that these looks look quite familiar! A week or so ago in preparation for the shoot, I went and drew myself in these outfits as a preview and as a way of seeing how the looks could work together. For this post, I'll be focusing on my aspect and take on this, and the next will be about Nikki. 


When it came to styling this certain aspect, I was pretty challenged! To be honest, the Athlete was the only look out of the five that gave me the most trouble, and yet it was the most simple one out of all of them. To those who know me in real life, know that I am the least athletic person there is. I would rather much stay inside than run around. Emilio Estevez, I hope I channeled Andy Clark correctly.

There was one thing in the process of creating this look that I had to remember. Simplicity. I dressed myself in a low neck t-shirt that allows for free movement and there is nothing more athletic than sweat pants. Of course I had to add in a little bit of my own personal twist on this, hence the spiked cap and the Jeremy Scott Winged Adidas. 

The sweat pants were extremely plain, but the added black tuxedo stripe down the side made it more chic in my opinion. 

Shirt, cap, and shoe details. These are probably some of the most unique things in my closet. I don't normally wear these shoes out as they're so eye catching! Only on very special occasions or on days where I feel brave do I wear these out. I love them loads though.


The Brain fits into the stereotype of Geek/Nerd culture. What I loved about this look so much was how absolutely fun it was! Geeky and Nerdy can be stylish, if done correctly. I consider myself a Geek, not a Nerd. They are very two different things! 

In terms of stereotypes, the Brain can care less for fashion and all they're focused on is getting that A+. I looked into the whole Geeky/Nerdy subculture for inspiration and the one thing I noticed about all of the pictures I saw were thick rimmed glasses and suspenders. To be honest, Anthony Michael Hall's (who played the Brain of the Breakfast Club) portrayal of Brian Johnson was one of my favorite interpretations of this stereotype; HOWEVER, I was not really intrigued by the green sweater and khaki combo. 

I put together the thick rimmed glasses and suspenders as the highlights of this look. For the shirt, I chose a graphic Union Jack that I untucked so that it would hang loose against the suspenders. A beanie was thrown in because Geeks and Nerds have such wild hair. 

I think what sealed the deal for me regarding this look were the thick rimmed pixelated glasses and the denim sneakers. 


Ally Sheedy's portrayal of ignored daughter/potential psychopath Allison Reynolds was the most heartbreaking and yet comedic in my opinion. Out of all the looks this was the easiest for me to formulate. If there's one thing I have in common with Allison Reynolds is that her and I have a love for the lack of color in clothing, and that I do also have weird tendencies as well. 

For this look I took inspiration from Ally Sheedy's character, along with the high school stereotypes of artists, goths, the emo kids, the drama geeks, and whatnot. Black on black on black was the end result! If there was any other movie character that helped inspire this look, it would definitely be Duckie from Pretty in Pink. 

For the artist stereotype, I carried my laptop case that's cleverly disguised as a crinkly manila envelope. 

Comme des Garçons, a bowler hat, and some creepers helped create this look. Allison's look in the movie was very plain, very bohemian. I had to keep this look simple but at the same time intimidating. 


What is an 80s movie without Molly Ringwald? My favorite movie with her in it has got to be Pretty in Pink though. Her character, Claire Standish, serves as the stereotype for the preppy kids, the rich, the royals. Her overall look in the movie was very dressed up for  Saturday morning detention. She had pink, khaki and whatnot incorporated into her wardrobe. As for myself, I color blocked instead. 

A white dress shirt tucked into a color blocked sweater paired with maroon jeans was my interpretation of Claire's attire. The Oxfords also play up to the whole "Princely" title. 

I added in a blazer to further the look even more. Claire wore layers in the movie, so this serves to be it in my case. 
Jacket and shoe details. 


Finally, the Criminal. What is the Breakfast Club without the notorious John Bender? Played by Judd Nelson, John Bender represented the bane of youth. The bad kids, the ones who smoked in the bathroom and didn't care. His look was edgy, bad ass, and the devil-may-care attitude was one of the most iconic things in this movie. John Bender's visual cue was a red flannel. Unfortunately, I don't own a red flannel, so I improvised! 
Instead of putting the red onto my top, I placed it onto my shoes instead. A denim top with a graphic shirt inside paired with black jeans and Maroon Doc Martens played up to the "rebellious" look. 

Toothpick in mouth because what is a rebel without one? 

 Sunglasses as accessories. The rebel isn't interested in seeing you, lol.

Details of the tops, and the shoes.

This marks the end of my section of the post! Stay tuned shortly for Nikki's! 

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