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Monday, August 4, 2014


My favorite day of this entire trip to be honest. There's something about being in a city with your friends that make things worthwhile. No matter the circumstances (in our case, the hills), being with people you love makes the trip even more memorable. 

Ok, enough of this sappy crap, on to adventure. 

On our fourth day, we took the BART to what is essentially, the heart of San Francisco. Union Square is the center of shopping, hotels, and other urban shenanigans. If you're in San Francisco, then it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to not go to Union Square. It's Union Square, go. You have to! 

The BART ride wasn't so bad, it's was roughly around an hour because of all the stops so we got up earlier to get a good start. 

Another quick history lesson, brought by AeroDynamo.

 A. Union Square is a 2.6 acre wide public plaza bordered by Geary, Powell, Post, and Stockton Streets.
B.  Like I said earlier, Union Square is the center of fashion, shopping, and hotels. 
C. Union Square got it's name because of the protests in support of the Union back in the Civil War. 
D. They have Uniqlo. Which was our main objective. 

We got off Powell station because it connects right to the Westfield Mall. We didn't do much shopping there because all the stores in Westfield could be found in Vegas. 

One of the prettiest Forever21 stores I've seen. Just adding a Victorian facade to everything makes it the more prettier. Come on Vegas, get with it! 

The building to the right is Gap. Pretty right? 

The interior of the Forever21. Reminded me of my time in Versailles! 

Hello my love, we meet again. Remember the Uniqlo post I published a while back? Unfortunately, they only had a few of the shirts I wanted so I just got those. Thank god for online shopping! 

Right across Uniqlo was this rather striking building. I guess it's the Hotel Union Square? I've never heard of it, or if I did I'd have forgotten about it. I like the Cruella deVille homage with the colors. 

After we shopped at Uniqlo we went towards Union Square itself and took some pictures while we people watched. At that point we were deciding where to eat. With an area as big and diverse we were pretty stumped. Until Amber and Ryan suggested Sushirrito. 

We were joined by Amber's friend (and our new friend), Ryan! Hi Ryan! 

Union Square was a cool place to get some footage for the blog, so we stayed around. Tiff and Nikki vlogged while I photographed. 

Like us, there were tons of tourists in the area. 

The statue from the opening/transition credits from That's So Raven! I actually have no idea what this statue is called. (edit: it doesn't have a name, it's just a statue on top of the Dewey Memorial)

Funny story. Actually I don't know if it's funny, I just needed something to segway this, lol. Anywho! Nikki pointed this building out to us. The Westin apparently used to be an older hotel that burned down, and now it's haunted or something. If you look closely in the windows, you should see a ghost. Just kidding. There's no ghost. Or is there????

Shirt: Comme des Garçons PLAY
Pants: the RAMP
Shoes: Converse

Uniqlo galore! It was Tiff's first time at Uniqlo, I'm glad she enjoyed herself. 

After Union Square we went down ahead and found Sushirrito. The name is exactly as it sounds. A portmanteau of Sushi and Burrito. Sushirrito!

Cute casual couple! 

The line itself looked pretty jarring, but it went by really fast. Think of the process as lining up for Chipotle. They have a set menu and once you pick your choice out, they make it quickly. 

I sat outside saving our table and took that opportunity to go and do some street photography again. I was in such an obvious spot I had to make it quick, so I only caught a few candid ones. 

They actually called me in because there was a spot for us to eat, lol. 
I ordered the Sumo Crunch, which was Crab Meat, Japanese Mayo, Yum-Yum Sauce, and two Shrimp Tempura, all wrapped in Nori, Rice, and a crunchy layer of spicy Tenkasu. 

The Sushirrito itself wasn't so big, it was probably half the size of my forearm. 

We ate and afterwards Amber suggested we try Plentea. 

Honest to whatever higher power there is, Plentea is one of the cutest Boba/Milk Tea places there are. The place itself was tiny but it was two stories. We managed to snag a table for five. 

Some of their desserts/lunch items. What's cool about Plentea is that they serve the Milk Tea to you not in a plastic bottle, but in a glass one that you can take home. Bring it back and you get 10% off your next purchase!

The second story. 

 As soon as we got there, the people started packing in! I guess we were lucky enough to get there when it wasn't so full. 
The Milk Tea bottles! It reminds me of the Magnolia Chocolaite bottles from way back when. 

After Plentea, we decided to head on forth to Fisherman's Wharf. Instead of walking all the way, (which is a trip I tell you)we decided to take the trolley. When in San Francisco! 

The line for the trolley. 

This woman was squashed by the trolley shortly after. Just kidding. 

Gap looked like some sort of city hall. 

Thanks for reading part one of Day Four, stay tuned for part two later!


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