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Friday, August 22, 2014


Part two of the shoot I had with Nikki! This post is her aspect of the shoot and how she interpreted the five themes. Regarding shoots, Nikki is such a gem to photograph. She's got such striking Eurasian features, no wonder she's got fanboys, HA. Don't kill me for saying that Nikki. 

Nikki's got an impeccable sense of style, so producing this shoot with her was such a breeze. When I had asked her to partake in this, it came so naturally to her in regards to styling. Trust me on this, when you surround yourself with friends with immaculate tastes, you'll be happier. 

I think the cool thing about photographing somebody other than yourself is that you get to see the person transform right in front of you. Nikki's a professional when it comes to posing and evoking certain emotions when it boils down to this. From a sweet girl-next-door vibe, Nikki seamlessly shifted to a closed off ice queen. Talented friends, have them, and keep them! 

Nikki's got that look to her that ranges from an 80s movie star, a Japanese fashionista, and an actress starring in Wong Kar Wai's films. Following the same route I did, Nikki created five looks inspired by John Hughes's classic, The Breakfast Club. 


Like myself, Nikki told me this was a pretty challenging look to come up with. She however is a lot more athletic than I am so she had that ace up her sleeve. Nikki's athletic look screams causal, but with her talent in styling, she didn't fall short of looking fabulous. 

The varsity cardigan against her black top and denim shorts contrasted quite well.

Nikki also likes to think sometimes that she's a descendant of Son Goku. 

The light colored makeup along with the high pony tail add more into the fashion factor when it comes to athletic wear. 

Details of her cardigan, shirt, shorts, and sneakers. 

The one thing about fashion that I abide by a whole ton is the idea that anything you wear can look good if you add in your own personal twist on things. 


Nikki's take on Geek and Nerdy culture was probably the cutest one out of this set. Her take on it was partly inspired by Japanese street fashion along with a favorite video game of hers, Animal Crossing. 

Normally I find the combination of Blue, Green, and Yellow to be extremely odd but Nikki owned it. By adding in some of the accessories we had and her way of dressing up, she took that color scheme and turned it into something of her own. 

Nikki looks as if she jumped from the pages of a children's book! The bright colors allude to the girls of Harajuku and to Kyary PamyuPamyu, whom I can definitely see wearing this as well. The simplicity of the outfit is what reminds me of Animal Crossing. 

As for accessories, I had Nikki borrow my JumpFrompaper bag and my 2D notebook to further cartoonify her look. How her hair is in braids with her green beanie reminds me so much of that anime, Princess Jellyfish. 

I bought this 2D notebook back in the Philippines, I forget the storename but I still haven't had the heart to doodle inside! It's too cute!

Detail shots of her denim shirt, her UNIQLO skirt, and yellow docs. 


When Nikki took inspiration from Allison Reynolds, she did not disappoint! Nikki loves shades of grey and black so styling this was a breeze for her. The sudden transformation from Geek to Ice Queen was extremely fascinating to see in photographs. Out of all of her photos, the Basket Case set was my favorite one to shoot. 

The look she went for was dark and extremely simple. The accessories she has makes the look more exciting, from the wing tip sunglasses to the kitten ear hat. 

I had Nikki borrow my spiky Docs to make this look a lot more intimidating. Nothing says "don't talk to me" like wearing combat boots decked out in spikes. 

Dark makeup also helped enhance the "Basket Case" persona. We loved playing up to the stereotypes of brooding artists. 

I freaking love these shots. Nikki's channeling Allison Reynolds and Wednesday Addams mixed together, harhar. 

Details of the kitten ear hat, her sweater dress, and boots. 


Taking inspiration from Molly Ringwald's Claire Standish was a breeze to Nikki. In the movie, Claire wears a jarringly pink shirt, but Nikki took her own take on it and instead put more focus on khaki, having the pink act as her accents. 

Nikki put into play lace detailing onto her top. The off white color is a good change from so much pink. 

The pink accents on Nikki's coat were perfect for this. I didn't want the whole Princess look to be typically all pink, so I'm glad there was a touch of it featured. 

Detail shots! The leather purse was a great accessory. Less is more in cases like this works out very well. 


Inspired by John Bender, Nikki took to this look easily. She had the red flannel, the washed out jeans, and the graphic shirt to make this look happen. 

Nikki's baggy flannel paired with the jeans helped create a silhouette similar to that of John Bender's. The dark glasses add to the carefree and brash attitude. 

The entire look reminded me of the girls who smoked in the bathroom and blew it in other people's faces and the girl gangs who would steal your lunch money. Absolutely perfect in regards to John Bender as inspiration. 


The Breakfast Club will, and always be a classic when it comes to stereotypes coming together. Nikki and I had such a great time coming up with these looks and photographing each other for this shoot. It was great seeing ourselves transform with help from a little hair product in my case, and makeup in Nikki's. Go forth and venture into your wardrobe and create looks! 

Are you guys ready to go back to school? 

I hope this post helped some of you when it comes down to what to wear the first day!

Thanks for reading!


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