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Saturday, August 2, 2014


I've been editing nonstop to get these posts rolling! Day Three has a ton of content to it so I'm going ahead and splitting the day by two posts. By far I think Muir Woods was the prettiest to look at. When we planned this trip, I had no knowledge of this place until Amber brought it up. Amber's been here before and she absolutely loved it so she suggested it to us. After looking at various photos online, we were sold. Well, we were kinda sold already with the fact that Return of the Jedi was filmed there and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes took place here as well. 

I'm not one for physical activity but the hike in all honesty was beyond gorgeous. The giant Redwood Trees provided such copious amounts of shade that the inside of the forest dropped down to a chilly 70 or so degrees. The Muir Woods National Monument is part of California's State Parks and is 12 miles north of San Francisco. The drive up was beautiful and the most mind boggling thing about it was the fact that there were various homes around the mountain's edge. 

As a warning, this blog is mostly going to feature tons and tons of green. 

Since we wanted to hike when it was cool out, we all opted to get up much earlier compared to our regular schedule. Also, beating the traffic was a good idea as well. By the time we got to Muir Woods, it was still pretty vacant. 

Mucho thanks again to Amber's dad for driving us and hiking with us! 

Even before we entered the actual park, we were so amazed at how beautiful the gigantic trees were. Living in a dry and barren desert, you get used to red rocks and orange dusty hills. Seeing the massive amounts of trees was a nice change of scenery. I cannot describe how clean and cool the air was. 

How the trail starts up is the same for all of them. We had to walk through the initial forest first with all the historic plaques and what not. Afterwards, whatever trail you choose (we chose Bootjack) you follow, and the boardwalk ends. Once the boardwalk ends the dirt, the bugs, and the hike starts. 

Nikki and I both noted that this tree tunnel looked like something out of a Miyazaki movie, kinda like the tunnel they had to go through in Totoro and Spirited Away!

Amber told us to not worry about the sun. This is what I saw when I looked up. Massive trees giving us the loveliest of shade. 

We stopped to take pictures at this Wing Span poster. With my arms stretched out, I have the same wingspan as a Bald Eagle. Freedom! 

The boardwalk was the easy path! 

Size comparison of a Redwood to a Nikki. 

I guess one of the cooler things about Muir Woods is the various types of bugs and trees it has. For every other tree there would be a plaque describing it and it's importance. 

Throughout the entire time we kept asking each other, "Where's Caesar?" "Caesar are you home?". I really don't like the Planet of the Apes movie. Gives me the creeps. 

The trees got to the point where they blocked out the sun so much I had to button up my cardigan because of the chill. How I wish Las Vegas's climate wasn't scorching. 

Amber pointed out this trail and said this was the Ocean View one. We were all excited but once she said there were a ton of hills we all said nope and went on our way. Haha!

I actually wondered out loud that age old theory, "If a tree falls in a forest with no one around, will the tree make a sound?" Also I thought about pizza too. 

I love how the sun peers through some of the leaves. 

I felt like I was in Totoro crossing that bridge. I also felt like I was escaping Titans. 

Can you see me? 

Looking back on it now, the vast majority of these pictures could be either:
A. The cover to an obscure indie music group
B. A computer's screen saver
C. Your iPhone's default wallpaper lock screen

The trail was fairly easy until all of a sudden these hills started happening and more uphill walking happened. So at that point we all just decided to go down and find somewhere to eat in San Francisco. 

Muir Woods, I'll miss you. Thank you for your lovely shade and your weird looking Banana Slugs. 

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for what happened after Muir Woods! 


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