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Sunday, August 10, 2014

San Francisco Finds

You know how Youtubers always do those "haul" videos? I thought of doing one with the stuff I bought from my trip. Then I remembered how terrified I am of recording myself so I opted to photograph it instead. Yeah, I know for sure I won't be adding "youtuber" to my resume. Who knows, maybe one day!

I guess this blog marks the very end of the Syd in San Francisco series! Kinda bittersweet but at the same time I'm glad I won't have to edit such a truckload of pictures.  Anyways, of course when you're on vacation you'd like to go ahead and buy things right? My only rule is to go shopping in the stores I know for sure my home-city doesn't have. 

My first find of the trip: Muji supplies. 

 I've been eyeing the stamp set for the longest time on their online store. Once I saw it in the flesh, I knew I just had to get it. The pens on the right are added to my collection; I just love how smooth they write. The container on the bottom left is for storage reasons. 

I guess another thing I love about Muji so much is that for such a low price, you can get a sketchbook with pretty good quality. I saw this one on a shelf and I loved how plain it looked, perfect for the Stamp Yourself booth. I remember seeing the little booth back when I visited Muji in December but I never had the opportunity to try it. Needless to say I went a little overboard with what I stamped my sketchbook in! 

(As a little side note, I didn't include the clothes I got from Uniqlo because of me being too lazy to get them out of the closet, lol)

Onto my next finds! 

Remember two posts back when I said I spent a whole ton in Kinokuniya? I spent it on these books, which I don't regret one bit. 

Amber sent me a picture of Hayashi Natsumi's book when she visited weeks before. I knew I had to get it! Hayashi-san is a Japanese photographer who got international fame because of her "levitation" pictures. She published this photobook with "daily levitation" photos from January to I think March? Anywho, I love this photobook! Do check out her website here!

Next up, is Kawashima Kotori's Mirai-chan. The photojournal entails Kawashima-san photographing his friend's daughter, Mirai. This became one of the fastest selling photobooks in Japan and having seen scans of it on Tumblr, I always coveted it. I loved how the photobook goes through one year of her life and we get to see her strong expressions and the like. I love the little postcard the book came with. 

Next one is this sketching/how-to guide with ballpens. I love the little doodles inside! From what I remember on the shelves, this is one of many "how-to" books. 

Remember when I talked about PuriKura? This is the sheet we got with our pictures printed! It was very fun meeting Eileen, Ryan, and Ilyse! 

My final find is something kinda funny. I didn't wanna buy anything at Daiso because I was overwhelmed with all the choices. That is until, I spotted this beauty. 

As an illustrator, I always had trouble erasing tiny details without erasing a huge chunk of whatever I was drawing. Until I discovered electric erasers. My friend Keita has one and he showed it to me and boy was I jealous! I looked on amazon for one but the prices were so shocking I just went ahead and put it to the back of my mind. If there's one thing you should know about Daiso, you should know that everything there sells for $1.50, unless otherwise stated. Seeing these two at that price? I knew I had to get it. Best $3.00 I've ever spent! 

Well that's basically my San Francisco loot, aside from the two Uniqlo t-shirts I got. Thank you for reading! 


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