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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


What do you get when you cross world renowned designer Alexander Wang and iconic headphone brand Beats? You get this super sleek, and very modern collection. 

 The collection features Wang's sleek matte black colours, along with his famous gold accents. Each one comes with their own glossy case, zipper, and clip. The pieces price at $499 for the headphones, $299 for the speakers, and $149 for the earbuds. Not surprised at the price, or the fact that is a limited edition collection! Only 1000 of these units are made. I'm not so sure how many are left since these were offered on a presale event on December 15th on the official Beats website, and went on sale publicly on the 16th at Alexander Wang's official site, and Beats's respective one as well. 

WWD held an interview with Alexander Wang and he states that "it felt right and a natural choice for me to give the Beats Studio headphones, Beats Pill and Urbeats earbuds a clean, minimal look with a luxe sensibility.” 

As for my personal opinion, I can honestly care less for Beats. I find them to be extremely overly hyped and way too expensive; but with the Alexander Wang collaboration, I can say that he gave the brand a very modern and very minimalistic redesign that I can honestly say is super cool, and definitely stylish. Alexander Wang kept the "Alexander Wang" look while still being on a brand other than his. Hats off to you Mr. Wang, you've done it again! 

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