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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Syd in Manila: Pylones+Muji

Of course it'd be pretty damn boring if I didn't take pictures of what I did at Rockwell huh? 

Before we ate we strolled around and visited some shops. Browsing sometimes is just as good as buying, hehe. 
 There's something about the Philippines where you can feel the Christmas spirit. The mall decor is super over the top and super kitsch, but I completely love it. The animatronic polar bears bow towards you and you could pet them. I wish Vegas malls decorated like this! 

Upon my shopping trip my aunt and I happened to chance upon Pylones. Pylones is a retail store specializing in very quirky home goods. I've been to three Pylones as far as I could remember; one in London, one in Hong Kong, and one in the Philippines. I'm not so sure if there is a Pylones in Las Vegas however. 

 My kind of hole-punchers. Decorated to look like little skulls! 

To be honest, I'd rather just look inside Pylones and browse! No matter how cute their merchandise is, I don't think I have a strong enough heart to buy such kitschy and avant garde objects! My mother however, is a different story LOL

I remember in London she went out and bought very peculiar looking dish scrubbers. To this day I don't know where they are. 

Aside from Pylones, I went to Muji. Muji is a wonderful, wonderful place and I am so sad that Las Vegas lacks one. If it isn't obvious, Las Vegas lacks a lot of stores in regards to my interests. 
Muji is a Japanese retail company that specializes in household objects, stationery, apparel, and various container items. What I adore about Muji is that it has a very minimalistic design to it, very simple, and very Japanese. Muji also emphasizes on recycling and their rule regarding avoidance of waste in production and packaging. Though the quality of their merchandise is superb and amazing, Muji also focuses on a "no logo" "no brand" policy. (I love it!) 

After all, Muji is derived from Mujirushi Ryohin, the Japanese term for No Brand Quality Goods.

As an artist, I nearly fell over when I saw all their stationery goods. Damn shame that there's no Muji in Vegas! Muji! If you're reading this, open a store here! I'll be your first employee!!

 Various lotions they have. From what I heard, Muji's unbranded nature is what made them so successful. A little goes a long way! 

You can practically hear my heart shredding itself in excitement. Pens! Lots and lots of pens! I threw away all modesty and bought one of each color. That's my rule basically, if I'm not gonna see it ever again, then I might as well splurge.

Muji's apparel is extremely simple and extremely comfortable. They mostly do neutral and mid tone colors. Nothing too flashy. 

I couldn't resist! Forgive me! I'm a sucker when it comes to cutout stand-ins. 

Stay tuned for more posts! Happy reading!

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