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Sunday, January 26, 2014

School Life. 24. 1. 14

Fridays are always my favorite, but isn't it everyone's? It is a brand new semester at school and things are starting up again. I am a complete hoarder when it comes to binders. Three weeks into the new semester and I hadn't even cleared it out. When I did however, this gigantic overfilled binder shrunk down to three sheets of paper and the rest went into the respective recycling bin.

My school schedule is pretty normal, I start the day at 8:00 AM and end roughly around 11:45. Shortened schedule because I'm a senior and because I took an extra summer class to get ahead. Honestly, it took a while getting used to because I'd get home at 12, get all my homework done, and have 10 hours where I ponder what the heck to do. 

On Fridays however, I stay after because of Korean Club. I'm the historian of said club, so all I do is take pictures. Korean Club in a nutshell, isn't just about kpop and dramas, we promote the culture and learn a bunch of stuff. 

Anywho enough with my ridiculous spiel, on to photos! 

Since I lack a fourth and fifth period, I go to the library and hang out with friends. Nikki and Ricky study instead of paying attention to me :c 

Sara, Nikki, and Ciara. Goddesses in human form. Hello cool kids! 

Meet Nikki! She's the coolest of the cool. Fashionable, fun, and very artistic. She just started her blogspot right over here! We're taking over the world one day. We promise.
Sara's a longtime friend. She's the ice queen everyone wants to be, and a massive kpop lover even if she denies it herself. 
I think Nikki was telling Sara something so I snapped her reaction to something horrific? Gruesome? I have no idea what they were talking about. 

After an hour or so, Sara and I decided to leave school with Alex and Tess to go eat. 
this looks like a poster to an upcoming hbo tv show about school. 

Tess is an ad campaign for Jeep. Thank you Tess for driving us to food places! 

After eating at Roberto's, Tess drove us back to school so we could head to Korean Club. 

Today's plan was to teach the kiddies how to play Yut, or Yut Nori. I was too busy taking pictures, all I knew about the game was that sticks and throwing them on the ground were involved.
Hello Calvin C: 

Resident kpop wannabe, Zi. (jk) 
Our club meetings take place in a math classroom, since our club advisor is a math teacher. (dur)

Teams were split up into two groups and played the game. I left before I knew anyone won actually. 

I hope everyone's weekend is going great!

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