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Monday, January 27, 2014

Art Obsession: Shogo Sekine

As people, we obsess over certain trends in life. Whether it be fashion, food, or music, there is always an obsession. Myself, I'm obsessed with many, many things. Ramen, the colour black and blue, Copic Markers, and mugs only are at the top of the list in my obsessions. 

If however, there is one thing I am completely obsessed with nowadays, it is most definitely something that has to deal with art. Nowadays, I fawn and gawk over the artwork of Tokyo's Shogo Sekine. 

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Sekine-san is a freelance illustrator/letterer that creates wonderful collage-like drawings in pen that are published in various Japanese fashion magazines. His fashion illustrations are simple and very minimalistic in design. As a follower of his wonderful blog, I've noticed that many of his pieces remind me so much of Miss Lecroc's work, yet his still remains extremely original.

 I love the cluttered way he draws. Neat and sharp lines with bright colours are also very apparent in his work. I am envious of the way he does lettering! My handwriting isn't terrible, but the way how his looks like a digital font is just way too inspiring. I can strive to be as great as him one day! 

Sekine-san's work displayed amongst various Japanese magazines. Super amazed that he was able to draw for Verbal Jint and Yoon Ambush, two figureheads in Japanese hip hop and fashion. His doodles for UNIQLO are also super cute. The way his lines are seamlessly executed is something I'm very jealous at! 
 A commission for EMODA SS 2014.
As simple as his illustrations are, Sekine-san puts immense detail in all of his work.

Completely in love with this Zodiac/Constellation doodle he did. It looks so simple, but every artist knows that this is years worth of practice. 

Sekine-san also has various works on plates and mugs, I've been trying to look for places that sell them, but I believe that he customizes it for himself. 

HE EVEN DRAWS FOOD. Minimalistic design at it's best. 

Loving all the textile style he does. If I were an interior designer, I wouldn't hesitate upholstering a couch with these drawings. Chic yet simple.

Happy reading, and I hope your Monday is going great! 

for more information on Sekine-san please view his blog right over (here) or, email him at shogosekine319@gmail.com

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