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Friday, January 31, 2014

School Life 31. 1. 14

Being a senior with four classes makes school seem as if it's a drag and a chore. I'm glad it's Friday. I've got a weekend ahead of me that's not-so-busy, but eventful. It's Chinese New Year! I had dinner with my family last night, but we've got a party scheduled for tomorrow. Wait for that blog post! 

On the other hand, today was really fun! We had another Korean Club meeting and being the end of the month, we taught the kiddies how to make food. Normally, the officers like myself help the members, but seeing as we would do all the work, we rationed that they'd do it themselves and have us just supervise. Today, we made tteokbokki! Korean spicy rice cakes in a very spicy sauce. 

Beforehand, I went home to gather all the utensils needed. Lauren met up with me to help judge the cooking later on. 

Lauren of How the Cookie Crumbles! Her blog is still under construction, but do wait for it! I took her OOTD, something simple but stylish!

Both of us had a little meeting regarding our blogs. I'm designing her header! We also chatted about current events and whatnot. The daily grind basically. 

Another overcast day. We parked at the back of the school so we could beat that hellish traffic. 

Started the meeting off with Nikki introducing the members to the dances they'd be learning for the annual Culture Shock.

Cooking begins! Tteokbokki is a traditional Korean dish, normally eaten at street food stalls. The stew is made from the pepper paste with leek and onions. I like mine really spicy! If you've seen a Korean drama, you know what I'm talking about. 

We split the members up in three groups. I didn't get to take a picture of Group 1's final product, but it didn't taste very well, LOL. In my opinion, Group 3, the group I supervised turned out the most authentic. 

Group 2 came at a very close second! They ran out of their odeng/fish cakes faster than we did.

Group 2 had less people, but theirs tasted really good too! 

This was ours! It had the thickest sauce and most savory flavor. Even our club advisor was eating from our pot. 

Our lovely board, minus me and Secretary Marylin! Tech Editor Priscilla, President Hana, Vice President Esther, Secretary Nikki, and Treasurer Cathy.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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