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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Syd in Manila: Christmas

Hello! The week for me is finally over, and what a week it was. For high schools and middle schools all over Nevada, we had our mid-terms. School in the US is split into two semesters and after tomorrow, it'll be a brand new one. I'm just glad all that studying and all the stress is finally over. 

When you hear 'Christmas' I'm sure the same image crosses your mind. Snow, jackets, scarves, hot chocolate, and the like. Spending Christmas in a tropical country however, is the exact opposite image! I spent my Christmas at my Uncle's vacation home up at Tagaytay. Though the Philippines is a tropical and humid country, Tagaytay has a cooler climate. 

Completely in love with the architecture, modern but rustic! 
 The patio along with a long table. We had dinner here! 
My sister, mum, and aunt. 
While we waited for my dad and uncles to finish playing golf, we lounged around here. I took this time to go and explore a bit! 

The infinity pool had this bar area. If only weather permitted, I would have gone swimming also. 
I'm a freaking dweeb. The chair looked really cool, so I wanted a picture. 

After a while, the wonderful M took us on a tour of the other vacation homes uncle had. 

Vacation home numero dos ft. Sister, Ninang, Mom, M, Caretaker, and Cassie. 
 Completely fell in love with the patio furniture. White is such an inviting colour! 
Another entry way to the second home. Bali inspired, I think! 
Random wooden horse and a mortar and pestle.

Really late post and all but hey, you can never go wrong with a Christmas post. C: 

thanks for reading!

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