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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Syd in Manila: Rockwell+Pepper Lunch

Holy cow late post is super late! This past week had been super busy where I didn't have time for myself! We were assigned two projects and the entirety of those two took up my time, so please do forgive for the lack in posts. 

My first weekend in Manila consisted of shopping! I visited one of my favorite malls there and died a bit. Situated in Manila's business district Makati, Rockwell is one of the nicer shopping areas there. Though it slightly reminds me of the Fashion Show Mall here in Las Vegas, I do favor Rockwell a little more due to the wide variety of stores they have. They aren't limited to only apparel and such, but offer bookstores, home decor, and the like. 

I am completely in love with sky scrapers. Las Vegas unfortunately does not have as much skyscrapers in comparison to the Philippines, so every chance I see some I go and take pictures like crazy! 

With Rockwell being in the middle of the business district, it's appropriate it be surrounded by high rise condominiums and various offices. Ahh city life, I do aspire one day to live with you. 

 My partner-in-crime, Fonzie.

Went shopping for a bit and my hunger finally got to me. Rockwell is known for having one of my favorite restaurants; Pepper Lunch. I love Pepper Lunch, I really do. 
from the website: Pepper Lunch is a DIY fast service concept, with more than 200 outlets in Japan and Asia. Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and fresh culinary experience for everyone by presenting the novel concept of sizzling Steaks, Pastas, Curry Rice, and not forgetting our signature Pepper Rice. All at affordable prices! 

I really like the queue-ing system Pepper Lunch has. You aren't seated until your order is taken so everything is quicker. I ordered Shimofuri Steak, the meal I always get c: 

Pepper Lunch is a "fast-steak" type of restaurant. When you're given your meal, it is served on a sizzling hot platter. The meat you ordered is still raw so it is up to you on how you want it cooked. 

They also have two types of sauces on the table, a garlic soy-sauce Worcestershire type and Bulldog sauce. Pour it over your meat and let it cook! 

The wall art was really pretty.

The Pepper Lunch franchise was brought here in the Philippines by Ms. Cecile Van Straten of the famous Chuvaness blog. I'm a big fan of hers! Her style is to die for. 

Snuck a shot of my sister and I. She's super picky about pictures, so I'm glad this one passed, ha.

Rockwell also has this random fruit grocery type stand in the middle of the mall. Pretty colors, I might add.

There will be separate blog posts in regards to the stores here and where I went shopping! So stay tuned!

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