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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not a Manic Monday.

I think the general population can agree that Monday is definitely not the best day of the week. To some it is so daunting that the mere utterance of the word can cause chills. I think I'm over exaggerating to an extent, haha. However, if you're efficient and positive, you can turn your Monday blues into something a lot less glum.

I haven't seen my two best friends in a long time. Due to me leaving the country during winter break, and due to their unpredictable schedules, I hadn't had the chance to see them! One and a half month of not seeing each other. I don't count texting or messaging on Facebook or Twitter because it isn't the same as the real thing! Originally, we were supposed to hang out Friday but because of our schedules we had to think fast. So why not Monday? 

One text message and a change of pants later, they were on their way! 

I love this stainless steel/porcelain teapot my mom got at TWG! The red crocodile skin tray is a good contrast to the chrome, white, and yellow. 

Bit of background knoweldge! My two best friends are Tiffanie and Lauren. I've known these two since I was a freshman in high school and them being sophomores. I still remember the first time meeting these two. Unofficially, I met them through this old chatroom with a webcam system through our friend Mari, but officially, I met them the first day of high school. Three years and a ton of laughs later, we've grown close to the point where we can openly say when we're about to fart, lol. 

What kind of host would I be if I didn't provide snacks to my guests? A terrible one, I don't think I can ever live with the idea in which I invite people over and not feed them. Ghastly thought! 


With what little time I had on my hands (Lauren and Tiff were coming in an hour) I decided to go the easy way and bake premade boxed cookies. Hey, I'm no fancy shmancy baker but these cookies were damn tasty! Since they were still a far off distance, I went ahead and took some pictures around my kitchen. What else can I do to waste an hour and a half? 

 My mom attended the Chefs to the Max Benefit at RX's Boiler Room two weekends ago. She came home with this wonderful signed menu featuring all the chefs who attended. So jealous she got to meet Chef Thomas Keller and Chef Bobby Flay! 


Before I knew it, Lauren and Tiff came as soon as the cookies were baked.

Lauren! Bio Major and a completely talented baking expert. She just started her blog, and you can find that right over ((here)).
Tiffanie! Film Major and one heck of an amazing singer/vlogger/youtuber person! You can find her youtube channel right over ((here)).

We spent the majority of the afternoon catching up on our lives and whatnot, you know, the usual. Ordered pizza because it's a tradition! When you're at my house in the afternoon, it is only right to have pizza. One thing I love the most about the friendship I share with these two is that even if we are stuck doing absolutely nothing, it'll still be fun no matter what. I go by the philosophy that it is the people you are with, who make the event better. 

Stole this shot! Tiffanie's probably going to be mad when she sees this (SORRY I JUST HAD TO). She realized Bertie Gilbert, whom she loves so much, is two years younger than her. Aw snap. Oh and it'll be her 19th birthday this Saturday!

It is a Monday after all, so after a few slices of pizza and a cup of tea, these two had to go back home. Sucks how I live in New Henderson, it used to take 10 minutes to get to my place back when I lived at my old house, but since moving here, it takes them almost 20 minutes :( 

We are however, going to go on a movie marathon NEXT Monday. We wanna watch all the Academy Award nominated movies before the Oscars. 

My sister got back from LA later that night and she brought back this super awesome skull! Cute and Creepy, just like me. (lol)

I hope your Monday was as great as mine! (I know it's Wednesday already shh). Thanks for reading!

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