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Saturday, January 4, 2014


It is a brand new year isn't it? Finally, 2014! I'm graduating high school this year which I guess is a pretty big thing? New opportunities coming up and brand new surroundings just around the corner. I promised myself I would start blogging frequently here, so this is a mini re-introduction!

My name is Sydney. I am a 17 year old student and I'm almost always hungry. This however, isn't a food blog. I love art and I love fashion. The combination of both is what this blog will most likely be about. Probably every day events and other significant things I deem blog worthy. Maybe sometime around the next few years I'll blog about having a girlfriend or something. A kid can dream!

On other social media networks, I'm simply known as princeoframen. My tumblr is mostly a photo/art reblog and inspiration network for me. I have an art blog as well, titled landofsleep. You can find that gem on tumblr too.

I promised myself that I would make this blog a priority, instead of putting it off like how I did the majority of 2013. So this is me, keeping my promise.

My name is Sydney, and welcome to my blog.

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