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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cloudy Thursday

It's been a week since I last blogged, do forgive!! I've had a pretty busy week last week and it was uneventful so I didn't really have anything to blog. But here we are now with some new stuff, haha. 

My sister and I went on out to run some errands for her trip to LA. So in my restlessness, I took my camera and photographed our little not-so-adventurous-adventure! 

The weather here in Vegas is so freaking bipolar! Two weeks ago we were having a warm cover but this week it was super cold and overcast! Hence the title of this blog, it was a damn cloudy Thursday. 
I think anyone who has ever been to my house can agree that I live in perpetual nowhere. Las Vegas is 25% busy city and 75% sleepy suburbia. I live in the sleepiest of all suburbia. I guess it is because I live in the newer neighborhoods. Give or take three years, my area will be just as busy. 
First thing on the list was to stop at Town Square. I don't normally go to malls on weekdays, so it was refreshing seeing this normally busy mall practically deserted on this cloudy day. 
Saw this eerie alley. I don't know I think alleys are really cool, especially the light at the end of it. 

Bridge infamous for the fact that teeny bopper couples take couple pictures here. Food stalls are at the other end. 

My tiny older sister, heh. See if Las Vegas looked like this all throughout I would love it 110% more. But alas, we are stuck with suburbia and desert, lol. 

A little piece of the Philippines that I grew up with is finally here!! Potato Corner hooray! I do apologize for the cruddy photo. The overcast clouds made the sign overexposed in photographs so an angled picture would have to suffice. 
two jumbo fries with bbq powder, extra bbq powder! 

I would normally take my Potato Corner with cheese powder, but my sister converted me to Barbecue. 
This is what I mean by deserted. It was around 12:30 PM when we were there so it's understandable as to why there aren't a lot of people. Refreshing change to how frantic it was in the Philippines! I can only imagine how packed Town Square would be if it were situated in the Philippines rather than here. 

I made the mistake of feeding one bird a french fry. The bird brought back their entire clan. 
Yep. Birds everywhere. 
Next on the to-do list was World Market. 

World Market is exactly what you think it is. They've got imports from all over the world. Food, furniture, etc.
I love going to the food aisles. Really cool seeing snacks from from different cultures! I'm sure many of them are delicious. 
I find it a bit funny, Americans in my opinion have a huge fascination with wasabi and sriracha. 

My family regularly buys the French soda they have here. Tastier than Coke or Pepsi, in my opinion. 
Various teas.
The food aisles took up the middlemost of the store, whilst the furniture and various home decor took up the left and right. 
Furniture! I love all the textiles they have here. 
As much as I love dark clothing, I'm a sucker for brightly coloured furniture. I'm just bummed that blogspot isn't really giving these photos justice. Click through for my flickr!
Wall clocks in various colours. 


  1. i've always loved the eeriness of sleepy suburbs. you've really got me inspired to start documenting my days again; ntow if only i can locate my camera.

    1. My gosh I would be delighted if you did! I love seeing updates from you!! <3