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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Syd in Manila: Twist!

Good morning! Jet lag has hit me pretty hard. Fell asleep around 9PM last night and woke up somewhere between 4:30-4:45 today. I guess it isn't that bad since I got myself a good 7 hours. I just hope I don't go into sleeping spells throughout today. School starts up again tomorrow and I'm glad to have had a rest day so I could recollect and reorganize my things. 

This blog post will be pretty short as I didn't do very many things the second day in Manila. I basically lounged around resting and trying my best not to fall asleep. My family decided to have dinner at this pretty little place called Twist. 

I'm not very well with directions so you can imagine I'm clueless when it comes to directions in a foreign country. All I know is that Twist is somewhere towards Makati because that's where I ended up after eating. Anyways, I digress.

Twist is a fusion restaurant. They mainly serve traditional Filipino cuisine with their own added take to enhance the already delicious classic flavors. 

The restaurant had this rustic vibe to it. Rafters on the ceiling were decorated to make it seem as if it were aged wood. Very Anthropologie-like, if you ask me. 

We ordered this bread and garlic butter spread for appetizers along with truffle parmesan fries. I wasn't too fond of the fries, they were a bit undercooked to my liking. The bread and garlic spread however was really good.

I completely forgot the name of my meal but I knew it had Porcheta somewhere in the name. I ordered a glass of frozen iced tea to top this meal off. 

The restaurant's cozy atmosphere and very chic design made it memorable. I really liked the upholstery and build of this chair. Their glassware also reminded me of back in the day when Grandma used to have the ones that looked like it as well. 

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